Deceptive Healthcare Claim: The United States Should Adopt a Healthcare System Similar to Canada's.

Horrific Medicine Lie: The U.S. Should Have Socialized Healthcare Like Canada

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The media and advocates of Obamacare/socialized medicine often praise the Canadian healthcare system.

Don’t you believe it.

It may surprise you to find out Canada’s healthcare system is home to some of the longest wait times in the world.

Of 11 developed countries, Canada was in LAST PLACE for wait times, tied with Norway.

Canada also scored poorly on the availability of doctors during nights and weekends.

That translates to Canadians having the highest rate of emergency room usage out of 11 countries surveyed.

As bad as this sounds, the numbers have improved since the survey was last conducted.

In one poll, only 38% of Canadians said they could see their doctors right away. Today it’s 43%, which means close to 60% of residents still cannot see their doctors when they want to.

Canada also has considerably worse cancer survival rates than similar countries. Would earlier access to doctors help? I think so.

Is it any wonder so many Canadians come to the U.S. for treatment?

Which brings us to healthcare and the free marketplace in the United States.

It’s important to repeal and replace Obamacare now. We are seeing America’s healthcare being deteriorated by government bureaucrats and progressives seeking a healthcare utopia for all.

But real life isn’t powered by wishful thinking.

Just ask the Canadians and other countries that have embraced socialized medicine.

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  1. I live in California. I have a family of 6. We can never get an appointment with our Doctors as soon as we want. Usually the soonest appointment is at least 1 month from when we schedule it. My newest child (2months) is due for vaccines but won’t get them until he is 3 months because of the pediatrician being so full of appointments. The healthcare system needs to change.

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