Election Fraud: What Happened – 6 Things You Should Know [Audio]

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Election fraud happened in the 2020 election.

Google, YouTube, and other media are not only ignoring it, they are censoring any mention of it.

Here are 6 things you should know about – things that the media is censoring:

1. The swing states were the primary target. The key swing states were the target of money and organization by the Democrat Socialists like never before. They focused on massive digital campaigning, ballot harvesting, vote-by-mail fraud, and more.

2. The deadline for proof is almost here. To change the election outcome, the proof of fraud must happen quickly. On December 14, the electors meet to select a President. Only a court intervention or state legislature can delay the electoral college vote.

3. Past the deadline? If the courts or legislature don’t act, Trump can still pursue lawsuits to prove fraud…but it won’t change the election.

4. In the key states, court cases are still pending. Most cases have been rejected, but not because of lack of proof.

5. Election Doesn’t Add Up – In Georgia alone there are affidavits of dozens saying under penalty of perjury there were massive irregularities, non-verified signatures of vote-by-mail ballots, “Pristine” ballots not in office envelopes and more. Data experts say there were these problem ballots:

  • 2,560 felons voted
  • 66,247 votes were from under-aged illegal voters
  • 2,423 people voted who were not registered to vote
  • 1,043 registered illegally using a post office box for an address
  • 4,926 voted in Georgia, but are registered in another state
  • 15,700 who voted in Georgia, but moved out of state before the election
  • Over 30,000 vote-by-mail ballots lacked proper signature verification
  • Trump lost Georgia by 12,282 votes.

6. Texas Lawsuits. The state of Texas is leading a challenge to the election on the basis that Texas and 18 other states were harmed by the voter fraud in swing states. It’s the best case for a chance to be heard by the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz is one of the lead “lawyers.”

This is Trump’s last and best case to be heard by the court.

It’s very possible the Supreme Court will not hear the case – we will know shortly.

Bottom line: Voter fraud is being proven. It needs to be in court.

Second, for 2022 we must correct these problems.

Listen to my interview on voter fraud with Tim Tapp. You can listen to it HERE.

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  1. It’s time for us to get a reality check for what is and has happened to America. I am convinced that stopping the continuation of the socialist agenda by the Democratic Party lies within the Church and the Christian community. Keep working.

  2. There I no reason for Ballots to be marked as they do, except for fraud. Here in Ca. it’s the same. Envelopes marked as t what party the person is registered. It’s no wonder Ca. is going down the tubes.
    The Democrats aren’t even ashamed of what the do.

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