Dr. Malone Exposes Covid Lies and Myths: 21 Shocking Takeaways from the Joe Rogan Show After Both Were Banned by Twitter for Saying This…[Plus 3 Short but Powerful Video Clips You Must See]

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Dr. Malone was a well-respected scientist, doctor, and vaccine inventor.

In fact, one of the things he invented were nine original mRNA vaccines that have patents.

Dr. Malone recently broke his silence about the lies and myths Big Pharma, the medical establishment, the media and politicians have spread.

Dr. Malone is smart, direct and one of the most credible and articulate doctors against what is happening with the health bureaucracy and the fight against Big Pharma and medical misinformation today.

Because he spoke truth, he was just banned from Twitter and YouTube.

He recently went on the Joe Rogan program for a three-hour interview – a portion of that was put on YouTube and it was banned (below I have a link to what was banned).

Joe Rogan has already left Twitter and now is with GETTR.

What are Big Pharma, the medical bureaucrats and politicians trying to hide from you?

What don’t they want you to hear?

This is truth vs. fiction.

This is personal freedom vs. government control.

This is life and death.

It was so important that Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) actually inserted the entire three-hour interview and the banned video into the Congressional Record so it will not disappear forever. (You can see the link to his website with the content HERE).

Here are 21 shocking, truthful takeaways from the Joe Rogan show:

  1. Natural immunity warning. Studies now show that there is a 2 to 4 times increased risk of adverse side effects if one takes the vaccination jab after having natural immunity.
  2. An Israeli study of 2.5 million citizens revealed that natural immunity is 27 times better at preventing Covid, and over 140 other studies concur.
  3. Massive propaganda delusion. Never in history have we had this type of coordinated propaganda by Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government.
  4. The FDA testing of vaccine failure. The FDA didn’t do its job and didn’t force Big Pharma to do its job in testing their Covid products. There are regulation and treaties and laws about how the drug trials should be done, and these weren’t followed.
  5. Big Pharma, deceit and lies. Big Pharma has manipulated the data base of its trials and dropped people from its study who had adverse events.
  6. Unseen influences. Pfizer owns part of Reuters, and Reuters does the fact-checking for Twitter, so it then decided what it will or will not allow to be tweeted.
  7. Hospitals manipulation of doctors. The assault on physicians is being done by hospitals and their administrations who don’t want information about early treatment or vax problems to become general knowledge, which will cut into their profits if people don’t need to be hospitalized with covid.
  8. Banning of drug cost half a million lives. Because of banning use of hydroxychloroquine, people needlessly died. He says: “There are good modeling studies, that show a half a million excess deaths have happened in the U.S. through the intentional blockade of early COVID treatment by the US Government…”
  9. Vaccine side effects. Dr. Malone discusses many adverse covid vax side effects. One important effect is how the synthetic lipid nanoparticles in the shot affect the ovaries, resulting in altered menstrual cycles, and how this is a threat to reproductive health. This is a major reason children should not be given the shot.
  10. Multiple side effects. Dr. Malone also discusses how the spike protein can affect the ACE 2 receptors, causing blood clots and myocarditis. The spike protein can also open the blood-brain barrier like a sieve, causing inflammation and Alzheimer-like symptoms.
  11. Warns against booster shots. Dr. Malone gave a warning: “Do not get multiple jabs for the covid virus. Each jab makes your immune system get weaker. Plus, the jabs are mismatched. Just like getting a flu vax from last year’s formula, each covid booster is behind in its formula and doesn’t match the current virus”.
  12. Those vaccinated more likely to get Omicron. According to a recent Netherlands study, one is more likely to develop Omicron with each additional jab taken. The FDA knew about this, and told Big Pharma to test for this, but they never did.
  13. Omicron danger? Delta can put you in the hospital but Omicron is mild and doesn’t cause death.
  14. Everyone will get Omicron. We are all going to get infected with Omicron because one person can pass it on to 7 to 10 others, unlike previous covid versions which were not as transmissible.
  15. Government insanity in treatment. The Biden government and bureaucrats pulled the monoclonal antibody treatment for Delta and replaced it with one for Omicron, which isn’t working well for those who are getting Delta now.
  16. They don’t want to give up control. Why are the government leaders doing this? Out government is amplifying the fear porn. They want to maintain the present state of emergency for political reasons.
  17. Government is out of control. Our government is out of control on this [covid response] and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg code. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Bellmont Report. They are flat-out illegal and they don’t care. Hopefully, we are going to stop them before they take our kids.
  18. Stand against the control. How do we get out of this? It’s got to start with each one of us. Vaxxed and unvaxxed have to join together in an effort to destroy the totalitarianism that’s destroying our country. Stand up and speak out. Go to Freedom rallies.
  19. Because of social control. The social credit system is coming next if we don’t turn things around now. We’re losing our freedoms. This will affect everyone except the Elite.
  20. Parental authority. We are allowing the State to insert itself into the family, taking the place of the parents’ authority. The children have been psychologically damaged by the lockdowns and mask wearing. Now teens worldwide have high rates of suicide and drug use. IQs of children have been lowered by 20 points during this pandemic.
  21. Join the rally. There will be a worldwide rally for Freedom on January 23rd against lockdowns and vax mandates. Malone will be at the one in Washington DC that day. For more information, go to DefeatTheMandatesDC.com.

Read these carefully.

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The more Americans understand what is happening – the faster this madness will end….freedom will be restored….and lives will be saved.

You can see Dr. Malone on the Joe Rogan show HERE.

Click HERE to view a Fox News interview with Dr. Malone.

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  1. This was an AWESOME interview by Joe Rogan with Dr. Malone! EVERYONE needs to make time to listen to at least a good chunk of this interview if not all of it. STRAIGHT TRUTH and the ignorant evil government is trying to make this man look like an idiot. Lisen to the first hour and 3rd hour for sure, and all of it if you can. You can find it on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

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