Parents as Domestic Terrorists? Why the War on Parents and Kids is Really Happening: My Powerful Interview/Podcast

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The Department of Justice is at war with parents right now. Why?

How could this happen?

Why is it in every school district in America?

These are a few of the issues I just asked education specialist Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council.

This powerful interview is 13-minutes long and you will get a full picture of what is happening in our public/government schools today.

Here are a few of the key points discussed:

  • There is intimidation that the FBI is going to be showing up at School board meetings and parents will be classified as “domestic terrorists”. Why?
  • Parents are waking up to the fact that children are being indoctrinated in schools today – there is a political agenda that is trying to mobilize kids into radical politics.
  • School systems are not teaching kids how to think – they are teaching them what to think
  • There is an overarching principle of progressivism that dominates the educational system in our country
  • Parents want to think that their school districts is doing a good job of teaching their children based on test scores and ratings – but you have to think about what children are learning at school
  • We need candidates to run for School Board that make sure our values are represented in meaningful ways

School boards are filled by candidates backed by the teachers’ unions (AFT).

School Boards need to be changed in order for us to stop the madness happening in our country today.

Click HERE to listen to the 13-minute interview.

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