Dangerous: How “H.R. 4” Will Federalize Elections Destroying Election Integrity (Action Steps for Everyone to Take Now)

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The number one goal of the socialist Democrats when they came into power in January in Congress and in the Presidency was to federalize the elections and other things that would destroy election integrity.

Here are five things you should know about the latest attempt at controlling future elections:

#1. H.R. 4 will federalize the elections.

That’s right. It will be the big-government, pro-socialists democratic power grab where the bureaucracy in Washington D.C.…the bureaucracy that’s politicized…governs the elections.

What could go wrong with that?

#2. H.R. 4 will set up a brand-new bureaucracy.

They will control it. They will make the rules.

It will be like the other bureaucracies:

  • Want more and more money
  • Want more and more control
  • Will be unaccountable
  • Will be ideologically driven – not fair and honest

#3. One of the major players in the bill will be the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice is one of the worst departments for the political polarization of the bureaucracy.

And they have already gone after the many states who are trying to stand for election integrity and clean up the state laws for voter ID, clean voter rolls, and outlaw and prevent ballot harvesting and more.

In their quest for power and control, individual states will no longer run their local elections.

Instead, they will be operated by the Department of Justice. An outdated procedure called “preclearance”.

Preclearance is an obscure legal mechanism that will require each state to have to seek approval by the ideological bureaucrats in the Department of Justice before they can make any changes to election laws.

That means no voter ID.

That means no integrity in the election.

Remember, this is the department that is now suing Georgia and threatening Arizona and every state.

The Department of Justice is an army of pro-socialist, politicized lawyers who have unlimited time and unlimited money to accomplish what they want by intimidating anybody who would stand in their way.

To scare a state from doing anything necessary. (See my article “The Department of Justice Declares War on Honest Elections: 7 Things Every American Should Know”).

This “preclearance” provision is very similar to what was deemed unconstitutional in a 2013 Supreme Court case. But they are doing it anyway.

#4. H.R. 4 forces states to take inaccurate census data, which interferes with cleaning up the voter rolls.

This is part of their attempt to control the outcome of the redistricting as well.

We must stop this terrible bill, which will lead to a partisan review of all election laws and future elections.

The truth about this bill must get out.

#5. So far, three key Senators need to be persuaded to vote no.

They will only be persuaded if there is an overwhelming amount of people writing to them, objecting to it.

All you need to say is:

Dear Senator __________,

I oppose H.R. 4. I’m against the federalization of the elections and voter ID.

Please vote NO.

You should send this to Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. She says she supports this bill. We need to stop her. You can contact her HERE.

Also, I would contact Senator Manchin. If we can switch Senator Manchin’s vote as well, we will defeat this. You can contact him HERE.

Please sign our petition HERE against voter fraud.

We will keep you alerted to the status and progress of this bill and what the next steps to stop this are.

And if you know anybody in West Virginia or Alaska, contact them immediately to contact their Senator.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@craighuey.com.

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