Crazy Uber? Uber’s Own Donations Go to Destroy It.

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Uber…Is it Crazy?

Like many large corporations, it donated a lot of money to politicians and organizations.

These are the very politicians and organizations trying to destroy Uber.

Uber Ride Share is a product of the free market.  It discovered a need, and using technology, supplied the solution.

Out of nothing, it produced thousands of jobs and income for drivers employed by Uber.  Uber is a great alternative for those who do not want to rent a car, drive, or use a taxi.

The company was rewarded by being one of the great American dream success stories. 

But the company used a portion of its profits to help candidates and causes that are pro-socialist and anti-free enterprise.  Their donations went directly or indirectly to people that want to destroy Uber.

For example, it gave millions of dollars to California politicians who then created a new law that has made it illegal for Uber to operate in California. Thousands of jobs are being lost as well.  And they now are spending over $30 million on the California ballot to pass an initiative that would repeal the law the Democrats and Governor Newsom put into effect to destroy Uber.

Who did Uber donate money to in 2019?

  • $150,619 to Bernie Sanders
  • $42,121 to Joe Biden
  • $36,020 to Andrew Yang
  • $35,037 to Elizabeth Warren

95% of Uber’s donations are to democrats, the Democrat Party…and groups like planned parenthood — candidates and groups that hate Uber, hate its drivers…and hate free enterprise.

Every ride you take indirectly supports the pro-socialist Democrats.

Every candidate Uber supports, supports political policies that would destroy Uber and the jobs of Uber drivers.


What would you call it?

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  1. I would call it normal for generations that were indoctrinated with anti American and racist dogma by “socialists” in elementary, secondary, and universities. Students are taught to automatically fight and reject any ideas that conflict with the “truths,” espoused by academia.

  2. Very sad that they don’t understand what is going on in the political world today. They are to be pitied. They are giving money to the very people who will destroy them. Blinded by their hate.

  3. All these idiot millennials know is Twitter and PlayStation. They have been brought up with no discipline, no respect for God and/or country, and expect everything to be handed to them. Since being raised by parents has been replaced with indoctrination in the school and university systems, today’s youth have learned very well that they can “achieve” anything they want, not by hard work, but by having temper tantrums and using social media to “out tantrum” the next. It has become “follow the ‘tantrum’ leader”.

  4. Strange coincidence. The main industrialists like Putillv, Morozov, Rubinstein were supporting bolshevics and saved their party enabling them to make Russian revolution and become Communist party. In reward, most of them were prosecuted and some shot. Just few were “generously” allowed to escape… Those who do not know history are bound to repeat it?

  5. I always use my local taxi cab driver service. Uber and Lyft put other drivers out of business and undercut them financially. Uber/Lyft drivers have very little accountability – and as a female, I am not comfortable getting into a car with a male who is not accountable.

    1. I agree, use your regular yellow taxis because the drivers are thoroughly checked out where Uber and Lyft drivers are not. Also, do not use either in Washington, D.C., London, GB, Paris, France and other busy metropolitan areas because they bring drivers in from other areas and they don’t know the city streets they are driving in. I made that mistake in Washington, D. C. for the first day of my 10 day vacation. You always use yellow cab drivers who are the best. Same price, you don’t save with Uber or Lyft and you are safe with the drivers.

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