Potent Easter Communication from Trump.

Controversy Explodes: Trumps Powerful Easter Message [video]

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President Trump issued a powerful, but controversial Easter message.

Mockery and criticism took place because he talked about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“This Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of salvation,” he said. “It is a holy day of reverence and worship. It is sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people. America is a nation of believers.”

You can see his Passover and Easter message here. About 3.5 minutes. Click here. 

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  1. We were absolutely thrilled with President Trump’s Easter message. This was the best message ever given by any American President. I thank God for giving us a President that is not afraid to speak the truth from his heart and not waver.

  2. Thank you Donald Trump. My President and one I support. Keep up the good work. Republican
    Congress get on board.

  3. I thank God that He is not afraid to say what he believes for far to long we have had a President that has tried to destroy our country. I voted for this man and I pray that God will use him and Mike Pence to bring our country back to God.

  4. He’s not afraid of offending people who are already offended by their lack of knowing what our Country needs. A President who honors God in his administration of this Country and not afraid to speak it out. He was chosen by God for this time.

  5. I honestly don’t know if President Trump is a Bible believing person, but when someone says that Christ is the Resurrection, which to the Christian who knows enough Bible agrees, or his references to the Jewish people in their exodus flight from Egypt and Gods protective hand in the Passover, he is going to rile a certain people, which he has. But…he spoke Gods Word, and His word never comes back void, it indeed has a purpose, and He will accomplish it for His good pleasure.
    To President Trump I say, “Be strong and of good courage”.
    Now carry on sir!

  6. I appreciate the message, but with all honesty, he looks and sounds very rigid when giving the message–almost doesn’t sound heartfelt. On the other hand, he is being himself. But just a warning, I can see how the media can use this video and take it out of context like they do everything else that is intended to be good. All in all, I am grateful that he is leading and all we can do is continue to pray for our leadership, pray for our country, and pray that we are doing everything in our domain to have the love of Christ.

  7. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Gal. 5:6. It is good for the President to speak about the Passover and its relation to the Resurrection. But we need to apply Gal 5:6.
    Is the republican healthcare going to be less expensive than Obama care? Do we have a plan to pay off our debts? Are we going to find ways to save the rain water from being dumped to the ocean to avoid droughts? What about securing our boarder? What about trade deals and American made products? What about repairing our infrastructure?

    I know we have so much to do but we need to hear about plans to solve our internal problems. All we hear now is possible war with China and Russia.

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  9. I am so bless to see This .Thank you LORD JESUS for you have bless This country with a man that have GOD’s fear and is not afraid to speak what is wright . GOD bless him and GOD bless AMERICA !

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