Israel Support: Democrat Support Has Crashed

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Support for Israel should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. But surprisingly it is.

Support of Israel has fallen off a cliff by the Democrats. It’s fallen 43% support to 33%.

This is a radical change.

Worse, Democrats support for the Palestinians has skyrocketed. Since 2014, Palestinian support went from 17% to 31%.

74% of Republicans sympathize more than Israel. This margin of 41% is the largest since Pew Research started tracking the numbers.

As the Democrat Party became more statist and secular, support for Israel is collapsing.

About a quarter of Democratic Party support of Israel has disappeared in the past eight months. In April of 2016 the support of Israel was 43% and today 33%.

For the first time in history approximately the same percentage of Democrats sympathize with Israel as they sympathize with the Palestinians.

This reflects eight years of the Obama Administration undermining Israel and the ideological shift of the Democrat leadership.

Fortunately, Trumps statements and appointment to the Ambassador to Israel has turned this trend around. But the damage to the Democrat base is stunning.

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  1. How can anyone who has read the Bible, not know that Israel is the land given to the Jews by God. Realizing how the left has so many issues with morality and ethics, as taught by Jewish and Christian (among most other faith’s) principles, it easy to see how they would not understand God’s plan for all His people. Maybe, if more Liberals would read and comprehend the Bible, they would come unto the knowledge—like the majority of Conservatives obviously do.

  2. Could that drop be from Dems who abandoned their party & voted for Trump?? April 2016 is way before Dems knew about DNC corruption against Bernie. I mean he did win even with all those never trumpers and he got a lot of Dems too not just Independents. He may have lost in my state of MA but he still did ok for a Republican. Just trying to think of something other than Dems are cold hearted bastards 😉

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