Coming: Changing the Pledge of Allegiance [Video]

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Do you think the Pledge of Allegiance is “rooted in nativism and white supremacy”?

Would you like to see the wording of the pledge changed?

Cesar Vargas, who runs the Dream Action Coalition — and others wanting bigger government and socialism — are working to change the pledge to this:

“I pledge allegiance and love to our indigenous and immigrant heritage, rooted in the United States of America, to our civil rights for which we strive, one voice, one nation, for equality and justice for all.”

No mention of the republic…No mention of God…No mention of liberty.
America stands for the principles we currently say in the pledge. Liberty. God.

The problem is too many have gone through school and don’t understand the value of freedom and the failure of statism.

And too many who come to America reflect the values of their failed country. The big exceptions are those fleeing the terrors of Socialism and Communism in their countries.

What do you think? Should we use the new pledge?

Watch this great video. It’s about 4 1/2 minutes.

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  1. They can change it but, I will continue to say it —loud and clear—the way I always have—the way it was intended . When they (whoever they is) wanted to delete …”under God”, I still said “…under God” and so does everyone else that I know of. The old axiom “You can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make him drink” comes to mind. We, the moral, ethical, logical thinking people in this country simply have to have the guts to stick together and fight for what is right. Unfortunately too many have more interest in the NFL than in saving our country from the corrupt, vocal minority who are intent on destroying our nation and what we stand for.

  2. Way too many people, including “Republicans”, are more interested in making as much money as they can without any regard for anyone else. Too many corporations care more about putting money in their own pockets then their worker’s pockets so they will hire the people who will work for the least amount of money even when that means hiring ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERs! They no longer care about this country or other people’s rights and freedom. We are in for a very hard fight to save this country and our freedom.

  3. The illegal aliens who are here say they came to America because they wanted a better life.
    Now I need to start asking them; why do they keep supporting Democrats, who consistently over-regulate and raise taxes on employers which drives them out of the or state or out of the country, raises taxes on residents, increases home utilities, attacking private property rights, have destroyed a once top education system, are changing zoning laws that have evicted and demolished residential buildings in neighborhoods to make way for multi-level luxury housing, which has contributed to homelessness, and made California the number one state in poverty in the nation?

  4. There was great sacrifice by brave men & women who fought-& many gave their lives-in this country to include each word in our pledge. This generation by & large is clueless as to our heritage and sacrifice because they are being taught lies throughout school and secular systems. I believe as Christians we have fallen asleep and it’s time to wake up and pray, ask God for mercy and forgiveness ,& stand up boldly to do what’s right and true! God bless you Mr. Huey, & all who seek & speak for God’s truth!

  5. Leave the “Pledge Of Allegiance” as is. Most countries have either a national song or a figurehead such as the Queen or a flag that they recognize as their own and hold deep pride for that song, flag or figurehead, because it is a symbol of the country they love. Let’s get back to our true history of what America was founded for and what we used to stand for. Let’s bring back the Constitution and know it and memorize it and stand for integrity, character and truth.

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