A Clash of Worldviews: 7 Ways Pro-Life High School Kids Demonstrate “A Dangerous New Reality” [must-see video on how two people view the same facts differently]

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The media and politicians are creating a nation of two realities. And it’s based on ideology, not truth.

The media falsely accused — and few apologized for rushing to judgment about — pro-life high school students for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Because they were at the pro-life march in Washington DC…

Because they wore MAGA hats…

The media used one short video clip that completely distorted what happened.

From this have come two different worldviews:

1. The kids were racist.

2. The kids were saints.

The reality is the kids were falsely accused, but they were just high school kids.

Here are 7 things you should know:

1. The kids were falsely accused by a media that never checked the facts.
It was falsehood. Shame. But no confirmation. Just rage. The kids were first verbally assaulted by a racist cult, members of Black Hebrew Israelites. Then a Native American came up and started beating a drum in the face of one of the pro-life kids.

2. The narrative now says wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat is racist.

Politicians and the media are now saying President Trump is a racist, so anyone wearing the MAGA hat is a racist. Some are saying the hats have to be outlawed and be illegal to wear in public.

3. The kids were verbally attacked, threatened… and for the rest of their lives, this could impact them.

Unfortunately, they were turned into monsters … and many believe it.

4. This attack is really an attack on anyone with traditional Christian or Jewish values.

The media and politicians saw this as a double win — an attack on pro-life and Trump supporters.

5. The media was blind to the truth. Why?

Two liberals said it themselves: On The View yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg said that so many people make snap judgments before the facts are in. She asked, “Why do we keep making the same mistake?” Co-host Joy Behar answered: “Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

6. Our culture is declining.

Postmodern relativism combined with a collectivist/socialist worldview has created a new “truth”– their own. Their “truth” interprets the world as they want to see it, not as it is.

7. The media holds a monopoly on communication.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians.

It’s their job — their zeal — to spin the news to their viewpoint.

For example:
• 97% of newspapers endorsed Hillary Clinton.
• Google Amazon, Apple and Facebook employees gave over 90% of their donations to Democrats.
• 95% of all news coverage is anti-Trump — not balanced.

The lesson is our social divide is becoming deeper. Here is a shocking contrast of two completely different interpretations of what happened.

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  1. Doctrine determines behavior and it is now becoming ever more obvious that those (truths) being taught in our public schools and the (News) media’s lies, the unchecked influx of cultures from around the world have confused the dull masses and are destroying our country’s culture. The Democrat /socialist/communist’s control the halls of congress as Rep Pelosi has shown us how powerful they are is alive and well. The Republicans do not know how to fight back or are complicit in the destruction of what was once the light of liberty to a confused (at best) world.

  2. God is sovereign and his plan/purposes will ultimately prevail. Our decision (individually and as a nation) is whether or not we practice “In God We Trust” and “seek first the Kingdom and His Righteousness” or, by default, give authority to Satan’s world of the flesh to tell us who we are (e.g. false identities such as LGBT). As Joshua said to the Israelites in the Promised Land, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” Exalting Self above God (rejecting His Holy Spirit within us) may provide temporary pleasures, but will have eternal consequences denying us eternal pleasures. (Psalm 16: “In your presence is fullness of joy. At your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”).

  3. The liberal says “yes the kids were harassed by the black group ….BUT…….” this is the battle cry of all liberals….they might admit the heinous motivating behavior and instead of dealing with that they add the BUT….and the BUT then demonizes the responder – instead of dealing with the motivator.

    the “BUT” happens time and time again.

  4. It was unfortunate that the face of 15-year-old leader in the MAGA hat froze in a smile, which his attackers interpreted as mockery and enraged them. The Indian veteran beating the drum in his face was assuredly asking to be taken seriously, even though this was just a 15-year-old kid he wanted respect from — an inappropriate target, perhaps intentionally so.

    The Indian was asking for respect in an inappropriate way: loudly beating his drum close to the the kid’s face. The 15-year-old’s smile was an inappropriate response to someone getting in his face, but if he sobered up his expression, it probably would have changed both his emotions toward the aggression he was enduring and been just as easily misinterpreted. A more serious expression might have made it harder for the 15-year-old to maintain silence and stoicly endure the swirl of aggressions and responses taking place: the beating drum in his face, the unpredictable man beating the drum, the nasty taunts of the blacks, along with the energetic cheer response of his teen group. But even a serious expression could have been misunderstood as coldness and anger. Either way, the media/critics would brand him a monster, because of the MAGA hats, now made incendiary by the media.

  5. It’s so sad that the USA has or is becoming a lost society, we are constantly be told by the media how to think. Our country is losing it’s Christian values and rejecting God and His word, our schools have been taken over by liberal hate, and free speech is disappearing.

    I truly believe we as Christians need to be me more active spreading Gods word, praying and voting our Christian values like Craig is suggesting.

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