Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

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Where do the Presidential candidates stand on life and abortion?


The differences between the two major party candidates could not be more stark:

Hillary ClintonDonald Trump
Obamacare should pay for abortionYesNo
Life begins at


Taxpayer dollars for Planned ParenthoodYesYes (but not for abortion)
Partial Birth AbortionYesNo

What  is partial birth abortion?

This gruesome procedure occurs during the last trimester of the mother’s pregnancy, when the baby is visible.

If the baby is born outside of the womb, and the doctor kills the child, it’s called infanticide.

With partial birth abortion, the abortionist pulls the baby part way out of the mother’s womb, then sucks the child’s brain out with a vacuum, crushing the skull.

Here is an example of what partial-birth abortion looks like:


What do you think?

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  1. There was an argument about abortion on my friends and I’d like to know the answer please.
    We said abortion is murder. They argued in the beginning stages of life it’s not a baby it’s just a single cell and its not a baby. The baby or “it” doesn’t feel anything. Is this true?

    One more question …
    My son refuses to vote because he says the electoral college vote is what counts not ours. I don’t know how to argue that. I don’t know how the electoral college vote works. Can you help me out
    Thank you
    Sandi Padilla

    1. They will probably also say that the Sperm or the woman’s eggs are not alive either because they are within the womb and cannot be seen. We cannot see the air either and it is there and believe it or not it is alive too because it is there. Put it in a balloon and pop it then maybe you will know it is there too.

      Baby’s have a beginning and we call them BABY’S not blobs or things or it’s. We may not know the pain anything mashed or killed can feel until our lives have ended and we then can see everything then for ourselves. I is God who gives life, we are not supposed to stop the beginning of what he is creating for His purpose especially Humanity.

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  4. Abortion is a terrible thing. When it’s a late term abortion it is not just inhumane, it is sick, and only a very sick person could do such a thing. I guarantee that if unborn babies could vote it would not even be considered. How would you like it if you mother told the doctor to suck your brains out—think about that.

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