Election 2016: 3 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate: What Every Voter Should Know

2 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate

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The third and final debate of the 2016 Presidential Election was perhaps Donald Trump’s best performance and Hillary Clinton’s worst performance.

Chris Wallace gave good and fair treatment of hard questions for both candidates. Unlike the first two, which were biased against Trump and favored Hillary Clinton.

In the hour and half debate, these three issues were key to many voters:

  1. The Supreme Court. The first question asked is the question Christians must ask themselves: “Who will the next President of the United Sates appoint the US Supreme Court?” Hillary Clinton’s answer was stunning. She said she would only appoint those who would be pro-abortion and keep the flawed law Roe v. Wade, plus judges who would enshrine homosexual marriage as law, i.e. violate the religious liberty of those who disagree.

Donald TRUMP said he would appoint conservative judges who would uphold the Second Amendment and protect life. They would interpret the constitution the way the Founders intended it, and not legislate from the bench.

Vote Pro Life (Credit: Pro-Life Campaign)

2. Jobs and the Economy. As Chris Wallace asked, Hillary Clinton will follow the policies of President Obama and his stimulus program. Wallace asked that since the program produce less than 2% growth, why bother doing the same thing? Hillary Clinton’s answer was that more money, and spending would turn the economy around.

Donald Trump took issue with Clinton’s plan. That only way to create jobs, grow wages, and get American moving again would be to reduce taxes and regulations so that businesses could grow and expand, include getting rid of Obamacare, which along with excessive job-killing regulations and taxes on businesses, has kept our economy in the lowest growth rate since the 1940s.

What do you think? Were there other highlights to the debate that I missed? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Let’s also remember illegal immigration and securing our borders and the increased threat of terrorism. I watched the last debate–in fact, I watched all three debates–and listened to Hilary Clinton’s explanation of the immigration issue (of course she advocates for open borders). I also felt Mr. Trump could have expounded a little more on the “illegal” immigration problem by stressing that America is a sovereign nation and because of that, we have a right to make laws and enforce them concerning who comes into the nation and how many come at one time. I am not against immigration, I am against “illegal immigration”. No one seems to talk about the “illegality” of crossing our nations’ borders and trampling over the already established laws. Even Mr. Trump didn’t say this. If Americans went to other countries and decided to live there, do you think those countries will allow us to stay without becoming legal citizens? Why? Because they have laws that govern foreigners wanting to become citizens just as we do. We are not saying to foreign people, “you can’t come here.” No. Let them come so they can have the opportunity to experience the freedom to make a better life for themselves and their families; but if they come, they MUST come legally and go through the process that is written in the law. Citizenship belongs to those who are natural-born first and then to those who come into our country by permission seeking to become American citizens and learn our way of life by assimilating into it. No foreign alien has a right to demand the privileges and benefits of our nation if they do not come or want to come in legally. It is a shame before God for those with hidden agendas to continue to encourage and promote breaking the law and then try to justify that it’s alright to do so. This is lawlessness and it’s wrong. America has the right given to us by God to secure and protect our borders and close them if need be in cases of national emergencies. It is not inhumane to do so. But how we handle this delicate issue however, is the key. We must remain humane, compassionate and wise. Should we build a wall, I don’t know. But it is imperative that the border gets secured for the continued safety of the people.

    The main threat is not drugs–although drugs is a huge problem in of itself–it is ISIS and the Islamic takeover of America and forcing Sharia Law upon us in place of our Constitution. Hilary Clinton, Obama, and all those who think and believe the way they do, are condoning and inviting a Muslim takeover–this is what we’re fighting against. I would have never thought that I would see something like this in my generation in America. It is utterly appalling that our own government would be so hateful, complicit and treasonous against the American people. I pray for God’s mercy and His power to be released to turn this nation’s heart back to Him while there is still time for America.

    1. I agree with everything you said. When I first heard about illegal aliens coming in and then expecting to be treated like citizens, I was appalled at the discussions that took place. Those discussions should have ended with the word “illegal”!! My friends who had come in legally, sometimes waiting for a long time for a turn, said “Finally!!” when they heard that something was going to be done to again enforce our laws in reference to the borders and immigration. Thank you for saying the truth!

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