Canceling Conservative and Christian TV Update: DirecTV’s Insulting Postcard Canceling OAN – Should Subscribers Cancel Their Subscription?

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Should DirecTV Subscribers cancel their subscriptions?

Let me tell you what I decided to do.

As a DirecTV subscriber, I just received a postcard not signed by anyone, just from the “DirecTV Team.”

In this impersonal postcard, they talked about new programming and the programs they are eliminating. It is small and almost unreadable 6-point type.

They are dropping A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE) and One American News Network (OAN).

I have written about this before…“Censorship Escalates: OAN Banned on DirecTV. Are FOX and Christian Programming Next [Emergency Petition]” – 8 Shocking Facts You Should Know.

And we have a petition against DirecTV and its owner A T & T for censoring OAN.

You can sign the petition HERE.

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, should you cancel now that it’s off the air?

It’s a difficult decision  because, besides standing up for what is right, is the fact that the other alternatives probably do not carry OAN either.

First, if you have never been able to view OAN but are opposed to the censorship and want OAN to have a fair chance of succeeding, you may wish to join in with those who do like it…and support free speech.

Sign our petition HERE.

Second, for those who do subscribe to DirecTV, you may want to cancel your subscription.

Personally, I am going to protest DirecTV actions by unsubscribing.

That’s what Senator Rand Paul and many others have already done.

There certainly are many alternatives to DirecTV…just not alternatives to getting OAN.

Many people are switching over to online streaming services and canceling satellite and cable services altogether.

And, of course, there is DISH Network and your local cable carriers as alternatives, but they don’t carry OAN.

I’m going to be writing a letter to DirecTV, telling them that I am unsubscribing because they have censored OAN.

I hope hundreds of thousands of people will do the same so that DirecTV feels the negative impact.

Incidentally, the postcard was delivered to me on the day that OAN was being censored and taken off the air.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can still complain by signing our petition HERE.

Or by calling 800-531-5000. You can also email Bill Morrow, the CEO of DirecTV at

What do you think? Let me know at

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  1. I cancelled and went to Roku……still getting acquainted with it but even without OAN, there is nothing interesting on tv anymore anyway. For that matter, also little interesting on Roku because it takes from tv, but at least it’s cheap. Saved myself $1,200./year. I get more info and “entertainment” from the internet and the alternative programs.

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