Domestic Power Grabs Stiffen Pro-Liberty Resistance

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One of the best investment newsletters in America is Off-Grid Confidential.

It’s publisher, Lee Bellinger, recently ran the following article about my report on the federal governments new database of people of faith:

Domestic Power Grabs Stiffen Pro-Liberty Resistance

Lee, there are so many assaults happening against pro-liberty voters and their businesses. Name one that isn’t making the news that should.

That honor goes to Craig Huey, America’s top Christian pro-liberty blogger. Even an atheist won’t like what Craig has to report.

It appears that the Biden White House has covertly launched a government-wide database of Christians and people of faith. What we know so far is that at least 25 federal agencies are compiling a list of federal employees, contractors and vendors who have asked for a religious exemption to receiving a COVID vaccination shot.

The federal agencies we know are compiling COVID-resfuseniks include:

  • Pre-Trial Services Agency
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Treasury
  • Social Security Administration
  • Federal Election Commission

Craig has done a great job of zeroing in on the obscure yet insidious

Pre-Trial Services Agency (PSA). PSA stores information on all federal employees who ask for the vaccination religious exemption. This includes volunteers that work with any federal agency, interns, contractors, and consultants. The PSA has the authority to “share” their list of religious vaccine objectors with any government agency – a total violation of individual privacy.

What does Craig Huey think government will do with this information on religious objectors to vaccines?

Craig warns that PSA’s activities are likely to discourage folks from seeking a religious exemption from COVID vaccines. Because it opens the door to discrimination when it comes to promotions or having a job. And it creates a list of Christians to be purged from public service. And Craig adds: “We see this in the U.S. military purge of Christians – those in the military who asked for a religious exemption – are told they will be dishonorably discharged.”

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Thanks Lee.

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