Forced Vaccination and Mask Fear? Two Ways Any Student, Worker or Government/Military Personnel Can Legally Say No [Powerful Podcast/Video]

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Across America, millions of people are afraid…they don’t know what to do.

The politicians, media and health bureaucrats say they must get vaccinated

But many do not want to get it.

Many don’t want to wear a mask…or have their kids wearing a mask.

I just did a powerful 46-minute video/podcast with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute that outlines how to legally opt out – student, worker or military personnel. There are two paths outlined in a free report attorneys have prepared.

You can watch it HERE.

His team of constitutional lawyers have put together a free guide to how students and workers can opt out of getting the vaccine if they want to.

We discuss the two strategies you, a friend or loved one can take.

And we discussed why some don’t want the vaccination.

Plus how he will offer free legal services to anyone if their constitutional rights are threatened.

In America, that’s called freedom of choice.

If you want it, get it. If you don’t, don’t.

That’s what freedom is all about.

If you have been vaccinated or plan on it and think everyone should get, still supporting friends and family who don’t want it is what a free society is all about.

Watch this video.

Get the free report on how to opt out at

Don’t be afraid.

Do what you think is best.

You can watch the video HERE.

What do you think? Let me know at

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  1. My daughter has been working for United as a flight attendant for 14 years. Now they are mandating the “vaccine”. Because of covid she’s on Cola. Meaning she still has her job but can take off for the following month.
    Also she’s a make up artist with the fashion Industry . And they are pushing the vaccine. She’s overwhelmed this is her 2 main income. She doesn’t want to be vaccinated. HELP thank you

  2. Mr. Huey thank you so much for this valuable information. It has become so overwhelming with this government forcing people to get vaccinated. It’s constantly pushed at my job it’s getting stressful for me and I got vaccinated. I’m not forcing my family to get it, I strongly believe it’s everyone’s choice, this is the USA and we the people should have the freedom to choose! This feel like I’m in some kind of sci-fi post apocalyptic movie or bad dream. I can’t wait for the rapture!! I believe in a God who will bring justice and will at the end of all this chaos will bring us peace and victory. Again thank you for what you do and keep fighting the good fight, God bless.

  3. I work for a community college (state run). The state has already mandated students who plan to return to school to be vaccinated. Now they’re requiring the staff and faculty to get the same. I plan to decline based on religious beliefs. My employer is requiring that I get tested every week if I decline. The tests will not be covered by insurance so they will be at my expense. Is this legal and do I have any recourse?

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