Brainwashed Students Can’t Discern Between Good and Evil [ shocking video]

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Filmmaker Ami Horowitz visited the campus of UC Berkeley recently.

For a couple of hours, he waved a huge American flag while complimenting America’s greatness.

Most of the reactions he received from students were negative … most of them not fit to print.

Horowitz then spent the same amount of time waving a huge ISIS flag while shouting praises to ISIS and Islam … and criticizing America.

Only one student objected…

All of the other students who passed by (Horowitz estimated close to a thousand) either said nothing, or complimented him for what he was doing and saying.

Watch the disturbing 3-minute video summarizing his experience:

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  1. Proves once again that our schools and colleges turned into disgraceful brainwash.
    Bill Ayers can be proud, democrats completed what he started. Now we have ignorant and arrogant generation incapable of thinking and understanding anything beyond what have been planted in their brains by the liberal mentors.

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