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States’ Rights and Fleeing High-Tax States [video]

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Watch the short 5-minute interview with California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in which he discusses:

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ campaign to enforce federal marijuana laws against California and the other 39 states that have legalized the use of recreational and/or medical marijuana – a clear attack against states’ rights and against one of President Trump’s campaign promises.
  • His vote against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because of his analysis that it will negatively impact many of the taxpayers in his congressional district. Many wealthy taxpayers in the high-tax states of California, New York and New Jersey are expected to flee their states due to the reduction in the federal tax deductibility of state and local income taxes.
  • President Trump’s withholding of $250 million in aid to Pakistan because of their continual aiding and supporting of radical Islamic terrorism.

Click below to listen to Congressman Rohrabacher discussing these topics with Stuart Varney on Fox Business:

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