Deceptive Publication, Misleading Storyline, and Unfounded Assault Aimed at Undermining Trump and His Agenda.

False Book, False Narrative, False Attack to Destroy Trump and His Agenda [videos]

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Don’t be misled by the mainstream media and social media hype about Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

It’s nothing but a hit job on President Trump …

Michael Wolff believes that his book will bring down the Trump presidency by spreading the view that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

I remember when I was in middle school, the press called Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater unstable, out of control and losing his mind … and that if elected, he would lead the U.S. to nuclear destruction.

U.S. voters were told Goldwater couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.

The same narrative was used against Ronald Reagan.

And now it’s being used to attack Donald Trump and cast doubt on his mental stability.

It’s a false narrative … being spread using a false book.

Michael Wolff included disclaimers in his book admitting that sources gave him conflicting accounts and that he didn’t know which were true and which were false – or whether any of them were true.

Of course, the mainstream media isn’t telling you about the disclaimers…

It’s all part of an ongoing team effort to destroy President Trump and his pro-America agenda.

But here’s the truth …

Watch this powerful 12 ½ -minute video of White House advisor Stephen Miller discussing the mental capacity of President Trump with CNN commentator Jake Tapper … and then being cut off when Tapper says, “I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time.”

The original purpose of the interview was to discuss immigration reform and the border wall, but Jake Tapper diverted it into questions about Michael Wolff’s book and his attacks on President Trump’s mental stability.

Now watch this 9-minute video of Stephen Miller discussing immigration reform and the border wall with Tucker Carlson: Watch here!


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  1. Hooray for Stephen Miller to get as much info out as he did during his interview that meant for harm. Unfortunately Tucker Carlson’s interview woul not load, I kept getting an “error” message. #Trumpisfitforthejob

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