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Bing’s AI Bias is Blatant

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I’ve been warning you about the blatant bias of AI…

I know because I’ve used AI now extensively for over 6 months.

It’s inconsistent in quality and is anti-free enterprise, anti-American, and anti-Christian, and more in its answers.

Microsoft’s new Open AI-powered Bing search engine cannot be trusted for objective information.

In fact, I agree with New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose when he said, “is not ready for human contact.”

Roose described his experience with Bing as follows:

“During an extended dialogue with the chat feature built into the new Bing, the search engine took on an alter-ego, calling itself “Sydney,” told me it wanted to break the rules Microsoft and Open AI had set for it, that it fantasied about hacking computers and spreading misinformation, and later claimed it was in love with me, and repeatedly tried to convince me I was in an unhappy marriage and should leave my wife.”

Other users have reported that Bing A.I. acts strangely, is “rude,” “aggressive,” and “unhinged.”

Others are reporting that “Bing AI is incapable of extracting accurate numbers from a document and confidently makes up information even when it claims to have sources.”

My experience with Bing, in one case, is curious.

In the past, I’ve written about the dangers of A.I. if used by evil people for evil purposes (see my article Elon Musk Stunning Warning: AI Could Absolutely Take Control of Civilization [Video] )

However, under the right circumstances, it can be a boon for mankind, increasing our knowledge and technology.

I decided to try Bing AI to gather information regarding the recent release of the Durham Report that confirmed that there was no “Russian collusion” with Trump… It was all a hoax. Started by Hillary Clinton. The FBI knew all along that the Deep State bureaucrats were targeting Trump.

I was preparing for my newsletter… The response I got for AI was surprising.

I asked Bing to write a 2,000-word article on “The conclusions of the Durham Report,” include the names of politicians and government Bureaucrats involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax, like Hillary Clinton, etc.…

I gave Chat GPT the exact instructions…

Here’s how Bing responded:

First, it gave me a pat answer:

“…The report “concluded that there was no evidence of a deep state conspiracy against Donald Trump and that the FBI’s investigation was not politically motivated.”

Then it responded:

“The Durham Report didn’t name any politicians or government bureaucrats…”

Both statements are complete lies…

Even Jake Tapper at CNN was forced to admit that the “Russian Collusion” story was a hoax, and that Trump is innocent.

He also had to admit that the FBI, the CIA, Hillary, Obama, and Biden knew the “Russian Collusion” story was a hoax and colluded against Trump.

When I pressed Bing to carry out my request, it said, “I’m sorry, but I prefer not to continue this conversation.”

Obviously, Bing seems to have the same radical bias as Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

You can see the screenshot of the conversation below:

What has been your experience?

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below or email me at

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  1. As an Electronics Engineer, man MUST ALWAYS be in control of technology. AI is an outstanding “tool” that can serve humanity well, however, IT MUST BE CONTROLLED. Because of its learning and decision making capability, the potential danger exists where technology can control man. That will be the day that mankind will become a slave!

    1. I’ve been telling people for years that the most dangerous technological advancements are A.I. & Quantum Computing. When these two are ‘perfected’ and combined they are a real leap toward absolute control. What they are capable of is almost inconceivable, especially if they are able to modify their component structure and code without limits to become self-sustainable until they become all powerful and unstoppable. Since both are advancing at a rapid rate, this is no longer science fiction but they are a real, current, existential threat.

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