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Indoctrinating the Children: How Educators Are Spreading Hate and Misinformation in Schools Nationwide, Using Radical Group’s Propaganda to Teach History and Other Subjects [And the Solution]

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Schools across the country are teaching our kids to hate America and everything it stands for.

They’re being taught to hate capitalism, the foundation of what made America a rich and powerful nation. Capitalism and free enterprise have brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system devised by man.

They are being taught a revisionist history that’s divisive and destructive… It’s a false narrative of our past.

It’s designed to divide us by pitting one race against another…

It’s designed to tear down the fabric of our country and society…

For example, The 1619 Project is being taught in schools nationwide.

Although many prominent historians have complained about “blatant factual inaccuracies,” some have put their careers on the line, publicly condemning the information as “anti-historical.”

Mary Grabar, author of “Debunking the 1619 Project, said, “The 1619 Project is the perfect tool for making angry, anti-American student activists. It’s history told through the lens of critical race theory, … substituting objectivity with narrative storytelling.”

“The Project engages students, and it makes them activists, which is what a lot of teachers want to do. There are way too many woke teachers. They’ve been trained in colleges of education to produce not knowledgeable citizens, but left-wing social activists.”

Despite the backlash from historians and parents, the Department of Education and the teachers’ unions are pushing for The 1619 Project to be taught in every school across the country.

The professor of history at CUNY Graduate Center disagrees with this racist teaching.

“When you say racism is built into the DNA of the United States, or that it’s America’s original sin – [it means] those things are unchanging,” he said. “And that, to me, is not just ahistorical, it’s almost anti-historical.”

History researcher, Ashley Rindsberg, said that the 1619 Project has “a long history of using unethical practices to shape the narrative. What really bothered me [about the 1619 Project] was that [The New York Times] was so willing to advance the narrative … not even at the expense of the truth, but to change the very conception of what the truth is. The 1619 Project is not history … it really is about present-day ideology and power.”

And now The Project has released a four-week teaching module titled “Reparations Math and Reparations History,” available to over 3,500 classrooms nationwide.

The module instructs teachers to ask:

“Should reparations be paid for the United States’ use of enslaved labor? If so, what is the basis of those payments?” the material promotes that slavery “led to a wealth gap for African Americans. Students will apply math and research skills to an investigation into whether or not reparations should be paid to the descendants [sic] of enslaved people in the U.S.

They will study, document, and analyze activities that led to the worldwide domination of crops produced using slave labor due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They will also evaluate the way that enslavement of African Americans has led to a wealth gap for African Americans over time,” the module asserted.

The module also said students will “analyze proposals made throughout U.S. history for reparations to African Americans and apply algebra skills to evaluate the mathematical models for different proposals for reparations.”

Carol Swain, (click HERE to see my interview with her), criticized the new curriculum, saying, “It is disheartening to watch the influence the historically inaccurate and flawed 1619 Project is having on American society through seemingly unlimited access to ideologically mainstream media platforms that never allow anyone to question their flawed narratives.”

And indeed, these students will be voting in a few years and will support reparations pushed by radical socialists with an evil twist on Marxism.

Congresswoman Cori Busch has been the most vocal advocate for reparations,

demanding $14 trillion in reparations, paid out by the federal government to every descendent of black slaves in America.

The Teacher’s Union, the Biden Administration, radical socialist politicians, and government bureaucrats are pushing the 1619 Project in schools to indoctrinate future voters, who will then support their radical agenda.

Small towns. Big Cities.

Red States. Blue States.

It’s infiltrated the public and government schools, pushed by the educational establishment, including the Department of Education in Washington, DC.

It’s time for school choice.

It’s time to break the indoctrination monopoly.

It’s time to turn education around.

Only school choice will bring back teaching history and other disciplines.

It won’t happen in government schools.

Only school choice will provide parents and students with quality education without indoctrination.

That’s why when you vote in the upcoming election, the state legislature and governor’s race is key to establishing school choice.

There is an effort in every state to establish it.

It’s up to the voters.

What about your state?

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