“Ballot Harvesting” Voter Fraud: Coronavirus Could Destroy Any Election

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Washington politicians and the biased media are using the Coronavirus pandemic to:

  • Have the federal government take over local elections
  • Allow “ballot harvesting” nationwide
  • Create vote-by-mail as the only option nationwide with no voter ID

The federal legislation of our election is being promoted by those who believe – and they are right – nationalized ballot harvesting will allow Socialist/Democrats to win the 2020 election … and future elections as well.

And they are right.

Most states never verify, or even have clean or up-to-date voter files.

People who died, people who vote, kids who no longer live with their parents … in Los Angeles, 1.5 million names all fit into this category.

In my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, I have a chapter on voter fraud.

I give the example of how a dog is registered at an office building (two illegal acts) and the vote-by-mail ballots always come.

No verification.

Ripe for voter fraud.

In the past, wealthy pro-socialist foundations pushed for vote-by-mail only with no ID and federalization of the election.

But it is now known, voter integrity is not possible with vote by mail.

Ballot harvesting will almost always lead to fraud.

Please sign our petition on voter fraud, by clicking here.

Positioned as the only safe way to vote – in realty, it’s the only way they can manipulate and take over all offices – local, county, state, and national.

Ballot harvesting is where trained, paid staff, unions, and volunteers can go to likely voters’ doors, help them fill out their ballots “correctly” and take them to the election office for them.

Some ballot harvesters collected as many as 5,000 ballots.

They drop off the ballots. No record of who they are. And it opens the door to massive fraud.

I have a special report about ballot harvesting and how it changed the 2018 election for the pro-socialist candidates. It’s called Special Report: 6 Little-Known Strategies to Winning the Democrat Socialists Plan to Create a New “Blue Tsunami” and you can see it here.

It explains the whole process.

Ballot harvesting has impacted California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and many other states.

The politicians and media want it legalized nationally.

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. What can we do , think we are outnumbered by illegals & workers doing voter fraud . Imagine one gathers people and help fill up ballot ? Fraud but Demoncrats making it into law !!

  2. This “Corona-Crisis” is all a LIE!! And is being used by the DEEP STATE(ANTI-CHRIST GLOBAL GOVERNMENT) to create pandemonium, food & supply shortages leading to social unrest, shutting Dow-n of the stock market and economy, and ultimately bring in martial law to introduce THE NEW WORLD ORDER! During this lock down period which continues to be extended, they are installing lethal 5G towers throughout the nation. Just do some research on 5G with Covid-19 in China. Furthermore, Bill Gates ID2020 discussion on MANDATORY VACCINATIONS with digital ID is also on the table. The implementation of digital currency making cash obsolete. And FAKE NEWS MAINSTREAM MEDIA is the channel to promote the growing tyranny. Tragically, the pastors in America are simply submitting to their every request and shutting down the churches. Lenin referred to such people as, “useful fools.” I’m sorry, but ZOOM is NOT Church. We no longer live as a nation ruled by Law, but by ruthless despots. Getting more Orwellian everyday. Thomas Jefferson once said, “when you give up FREEDOM for SECURITY, you lose BOTH! May God wake us up from our slumber and resist this TYRANNY before it’s too late!

    1. This is absolutely the truth and nothing BUT the Truth of the whole matter…so God help us, Jesus come quickly, MARANATHA!

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