Horrific Orwellian Trend: “Don’t Question, Just Obey”

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In watching local and national media, I’ve noticed several commentators as well as news teams say the same basic thing.

I couldn’t believe they said this, “Don’t question, just obey.”

When you see politicians, media, bureaucrats, and “experts” wanting blind obedience – it’s time to question why.

This is what you would have heard in Nazi Germany.

This is what you would have heard in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – the USSR.

This is what you would have heard today in Socialist Communist China.

This is what you would have heard in other communist countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

This is what you would have heard from authoritarian leaders demanding obedience to the state.

Now we are being told this in America:

  • Don’t question the medical establishment… Just Obey.
  • Don’t question the data models… Just Obey.
  • Don’t question the quarantine… Obey.
  • Don’t question government overreach… Just Obey.
  • Don’t question government action on the economic shut down… Just Obey.

Obeying is not what America is about; it’s not what Freedom is about.

Questioning.  That is what America is about.

That is what the First Amendment is about.

Be very, very careful about not questioning and only obeying.

Truth demands questioning – especially those in authority. Especially those who want to hold themselves up as the authority experts. Especially, of those who want to take your individual rights and freedom away … for your own good.

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  1. You are right on. I believe this was all done on purpose in that lab in Wuhan. Get the virus out so it can decimate the Chinese population and let people from Wuhan fly all over the world especially to NY. And our deep state involved in it. As would know that would literally stop our economy. Who and how much is Facci getting paid. And since when do research scientists have so much to say? They know nothing about economics and they are CPI ting all deaths. Their vision is limited as was in climate change. All this needs looked into.
    It’s a scam from word go.
    Look at Palos Verdes almost all seniors and no outbreak here. Just the usual death rate. Highly way overdone. Cause more probs than the cure.

  2. For me it’s not about whether this virus was started intentionally or unintentionally we cannot control that. But there has to be a balance between wrecking the economy and maintaining social distancing. People need to decide soon relater on their own if their freedom is worth the threat of dying. For me it is, it’s like riding a motorcycle you know it’s more dangerous so you do it anyway and just try to be careful about it. As an AmericanControlling me and telling me what to do does not sit well with me but as a Christian I know I have to support the government as much as I reasonably can because of Romans. The bottom line is use this opportunity to inject Jesus Christ in as many conversations as you can

  3. Yes, it seems there is something much greater happening here and this virus is just the tool that is being used to test the population, not just of this country but of the world. Based upon how populations are responding to their respective governments, this appears to be more than virus control. If it were about that then why not use the same protocols with influenza which claims many more lives each year than this type of virus. There is absolutely no reason to the forced shutting down of our economy or the world’s because of a virus that claims such a small percentage of people (US 4% as of April 13th) who contract it.

  4. It bothers me that no matter what someone dies of if they can find the virus in them they’re counted as a covid-19 death. Death from heart attacks, cancer etc. have almost disappeared.

  5. I agree and am surprised that it took a Covid-19 virus to get the overwhelming Americans to Obey their so called Masters when in fact the Covi-19 Virus has infected and killed 80% less Americans nationwide that the Influenza Virus has so far this year. As radio host Mark Levin said last week there are 7,700+ people that die daily of natural causes so we know that Covid-19 is something much less and should be waking people up asking what’s really going on?

    Bill Gates wants the entire world to be vaccinated by the vaccines he makes and then be given a “Digital” card for proof. And without that card you won’t be able to purchase food, go to a doctor, get a Drivers License etc.

    Coincidentally I’m sure the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation an long with the Bloomberg Foundation held a “Pandemic” exercise in New York in October of 2019 and Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, George Soros, Warren Buffet and a host of other Billionaires attended a seminar on How to Depopulate the World in 2009.

    You can do a Fact Check and read the Wall Street Journal article written about this seminar in 2009 that’s still available on line.

  6. I my book George Orwell was one of the greatest political prophets of the last century. The one thing I see is the use of the word obey. Obeying without question, mindless lock step compliance, and the unrealistic assumption of a return to “normal lives”. The just obey refers plainly to group control, What do you get with group control? Its effects are noted every where in history and present time results/effects. Separation, control, domination, abuse, repeat. In 1984 Orwell’s quote shows the coming result just over the horizon.
    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984′
    Just think about it for a moment then …….obey

  7. As beLievers and soon to be raptured Christians, non of this should surprise us, frighten us, or depress us. We know how the book ends. Technology, eschatology, alliances, weather, society changing, all point to the glorious climax soon to come.
    Stay working, studying, praying, and do your secular job in the midst of unbelievers like a Force recon marine does in the midst of enemy territory. James ret recon marine.

  8. It’s great to be objecting to self-quarantining orders as unconstitutional, but what would you and those who have already commented have done if you had been the president, or a governor or senator, etc.?

    The issue boils down to a choice between more deaths or a depression. One commentator recently pointed out that Abraham Lincoln sent 600,000 soldiers, both north and south, to their deaths to preserve the nation and end slavery. And today if the country is “opened up” too soon for constitutional or financial reasons, a greater number of deaths can be expected over a longer period of time. Which is more important?

    And as a senior citizen who can extend my self-quarantining a bit longer, I definitely am concerned by the tradeoffs. My several cronic ailments make death from COVID-19 more certain.

    Lastly, what do you all know about how the 1918 flue pandemic, and how the COVID-19 seems to have numerous parallels? There was a recent scholarly article in the National Geographic which traced the origin of the pandemic from its’ origin in a rural county in Kansas all the way until it subsided after WW I.

    An early 1918 warning from a country doctor in Haskell County, Kansas, where the pandemic began, to the US Public Health Service, was ignored until the flu had spread beyond our borders. Leaders of all the WW I combatants played down the epidemic, even the United States government. Does that sound familiar to the situation today?

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