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Protect Our Freedom: Stop Radical Judges with Our Nationwide Judge Voter Guide!

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Dear American,

Radical judges are legislating from the bench…  To transform our culture and politics.

They are destroying our freedoms.

They are hurting our family, kids, and grandkids.

We are the only nationwide group trying to stop them… But it’s not easy.

These Radical judges are running for office and are financially supported by Socialist George Soros-funded groups, radical democratic socialists, and LGBTQ big money.

And most voters know not about them.

Once elected, they use their power and position to legislate from the bench.

To stop this, we’ve created a Nationwide Judge Voter Guide. Click HERE !

Despite our best efforts, few know about our website because Google and big tech bury us in their search engines.

But we are the only one in America that rates and evaluates who the judicial candidates are the strict constructionists or that follow the constitution?

Bad judges do terrible damage.

But our voter guide can stop them.

We research on over 1,000 judges nationwide, each researched, evaluated, rated, and endorsed– so you and others can vote for these critical judge races knowing you’re voting for the right candidate.

You can always be sure of how to vote for, not against, your values with our important guide.

But we must alert millions on how to vote against these Soros-backed radical judges.

You can help defend and uphold freedom in America and against the radical judges destroying our culture and economy.

We desperately need you to help let millions know about the website.

Would you please consider contributing to help us tell more voters which judges are radical-judicial activists and which are strict constitutionalists so we can help shift the politics and culture of our nation?

For just $10 dollars, you can help educate 670 people on how to vote for their values.

For just $39 dollars, you could expose one dangerous judicial candidate via targeted marketing.

For $100 dollars, you could help us run advanced online campaigns to help us drain the judicial swamp by distributing our critical voter guide to conservatives, Christians, and Republicans who don’t know how to vote their values.

And for $1,000 dollars, you could put a strict constructionist (conservative) judicial candidate in the top two in the next primary and help change politics in our nation.

The radical judges are destroying America… we can’t see political and cultural change in America without your help to change the judges.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

And thanks for praying to turn America around.

Let me know what you think. Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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