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‘SNL’ Pokes Fun at Alaska Airlines Following Midair Blowout

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The article below is originally written by the New York Post:

“Saturday Night Live” returned from its winter hiatus and poked fun at Alaska Airlines’ response to its recent flight that experienced a panel blowout mid-flight over Oregon earlier this month.

During the first episode of the new year, “SNL” aired a mock commercial for the airline, starring Heidi Gardner, Jacob Elordi and Kenan Thompson, sharing the company’s new slogan and marketing campaign following the near-catastrophic incident two weeks ago.

“Alaska Airlines, you didn’t die, and you got a cool story,” Gardner says.

“On other airlines, you can watch movies, but on Alaska, you’re in the movie,” host Elordi said before a dramatic reenactment of the Ontario, California-bound flight was shown with screaming passengers and a door size hole on the left side of the fuselage.

The Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 departed from from Portland International Airport at 4:52 p.m. on January 6 but returned only 35 minutes later when it suffered depressurization in after the side panel ripped off from the Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet.

During the frightening flight, passengers lost their phones while a small boy, sitting near the opening had to be held by his mother as the force of the wind ripped his shirt off.

Luckily, only one person was injured.

“Since the incident, we’re starting to make some changes,” Thompson said.

“You know those bolts that like hold the plane together? We’re gonna go ahead and tighten some of those,” the “Saltburn” star said referencing the Airline’s inspection of its equipment following the incident.

Days after grounding it’s fleet of MAX 9 jets, the airline announced it’s preliminary inspections yielded the discovery of “some loose hardware” was discovered by technicians on some aircrafts.

“When people ask me where the emergency exits are, I’m like there, there, and in 10 minutes probably there,” Thompson added pointing to a window seat in a plane’s cabin.

Some of the new safety features in the faux-ad included an updated safety brochure the size of a dictionary, the emergency slide being deployed before take-off, and life jackets being handed to passengers as they deboard the plane, mocking Hawaii Airlines’ similar gesture with leis.

“Are we in Cleveland,” one “passenger’ asked cast member Michael Longfellow who was performing as a flight attendant.

“Close, the Pacific Ocean,” Longfellow answered while affixing the life vest.

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