Abortion Battlegrounds

Abortion Battlegrounds: How Democrats Use Abortion to Score Big Wins—Here’s Why [Video]

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In 2023, the Democrats used abortion to win surprise elections upsets… Just like they did in 2022. 

How did they do it? 

Here’s how

1) Recruited Volunteers 

Abortion is a hot-button issue, one that draws out and mobilizes the Democrat base to donate and volunteer. Democrats employ emotionally charges scare tactics such as losing your “healthcare choices” or “healthcare rights” and deliver those messages in a variety of ways, through text messages, emails, phone calls, social media influencers, and more. 

2) Trained Volunteers 

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), affiliate democrat organizations, and big-money donors like George Soros pump millions of dollars into organizations to train Democrats on how to win elections and build long-term power in their communities. 

They provide Democratic candidates, campaign staffers, and local leaders with the tools, expert training, and resources needed to win. 

3) Used Advanced Voter Data 

Democrat strategists use voter data on people’s top issues and ethnic/gender grouping to develop targeted niche groups. 

These types of data are used in the predictive models that campaigns use in email, mobile, online campaigns, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV). 

4) Developed Text Messaging 

Democrat campaign strategists use their databases of phone numbers from the voter data to push out tens of millions of text messages and log numerous details from those responses. 

The text messages send alerts that motivate their base to vote, volunteer, or donate, or inform them about an upcoming election or hot button issue they need to vote on. 

5) Deploy of Digital Marketing 

Democrats work with data firms to create national databases of voter files, collecting information from many sources to create detailed profiles of voters with thousands of data points and build models that predict people’s stances on issues or candidates. 

They then use this data to micro-target certain voters with certain hot-button issues. 

Then, they tailor their messaging to target their outreach efforts, how to reach them, and how they might respond to certain messages. 

Predictive models can inform campaign decisions about how to target voters by predicting how likely people are to support a particular candidate or think a certain way about topics like gun control, same-sex marriage, race, the environment, or abortion. 

6) Sent volunteers to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in sophisticated, disciplined, organized campaigns 

One of the ways to GOTV is through the use of influencers. Democrats are paying hundreds of Gen-Z influencers to post online commentary about how “Republicans” want to “take away a woman’s right to choose.” This motivates the base to vote for ballot initiatives that most haven’t even heard about or a radical judge that will support abortion laws. 

  • In Ohio, a ballot measure preserving late-term abortion rights passed… It should have lost. 
  • In Kentucky, Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear was reelected… She should have lost. 
  • In Virginia, Democrats retook control of both legislative chambers. 

Part of the Democrats’ strategy was to run emotional hot-button video ads targeting key niche demographics that care about abortion. 

The ads painted Republican candidates as extremists on abortion who will make abortion totally illegal, even if the mother would die. 

The Democrat’s winning strategy was accomplished on the strength of a series of abortion ads featuring young girls telling their own abortion stories. The commercials featured a young girl telling her abortion story—it was very hard-hitting and emotional. 

One commercial directed toward Kentucky Republican Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron features a young girl talking about how her stepfather sexually abused her. 

Here is a transcript of what she said in the commercial: 

“I was raped by my stepfather. After years of sexual abuse, I was 12. Anyone who believes there should be no exceptions for rape and incest could never understand what it’s like to stand in my shoes. This is to you, Daniel Cameron, to tell a 12-year-old girl she must have the baby of her stepfather who raped her is unthinkable. I’m speaking out because women and girls need to have options. Daniel Cameron would give us none.” 

Biden praised the Democrat wins, saying, “Tonight, Americans once again voted to protect their fundamental freedoms – and democracy won.” 

Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans have been losing a number of elections where abortion has been a dominant issue, even though it’s not a major issue on their minds. 

According to a new survey from Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution, just 36% of U.S. adults view abortion as a “critical issue.” 

39% say they will only vote for a candidate who shares their views on abortion.  

42% say that they will take a candidate’s position on abortion into consideration when voting.  

17% say they do not see abortion as a major issue,” researchers wrote. 

By using abortion as a key issue… Seen, heard, and read only by them… they can secure votes, volunteers, and money for their “self-righteous” causes they care about. 

A minority of voters winning elections

Click HERE to view the Democrats’ abortion video commercial.

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