America At War? How Biden Has Made This the Most Dangerous Time in Our History [Interview/Podcast with Jeff Stein]

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America is more unsafe than at any time in our history.

What President Biden has done is create a nightmare setup for a massive world upheaval.

I just got off the air with Jeff Stein as we discussed what has become the most dangerous time in our history.

President Biden is perceived to be weak by leaders in communist China, Iran, and Russia.

Here are a few key points from the interview:

  • President Biden is perceived by leaders in communist China, Iran and Russia to be weak. They believe he will embrace a policy of appeasement – giving in to the enemies of freedom.
  • When you have a President and military leadership that act in the self-interest of America and individual liberty – then you have a period of peace.

But based on the foreign policy under President Biden, our enemies believe they can take advantage of this period of time in U.S. history.

  • It’s worse because Iran, Russia and China are all allies – they could strike together and we would not do a thing.

The dictators in Communist China see weakness and view our military leadership as weak. That’s because Biden has appointed Presidential and foreign policy advisors who have a radical, pro-socialist ideology.

These advisors are not looking at our foreign enemies and what could happen in China and the world. Instead they are concentrating on domestic policy to transform culture and politics as much as they can – including our military.

Iran can’t wait to strike against Israel. Russia is poised and ready to take over more territory from Ukraine.

And China wants to take over Taiwan, which is a pro-freedom, democratic country.

In fact, China has warned the U.S. military that it will not hesitate to kill American soldiers and personnel if we try to stop them.

  • Most of the people guiding policies throughout the Biden administration are the same people that were involved in the Obama administration

These individuals are ideologically driven and have their own political agenda.

  • This time is a golden opportunity for China, Russia and Iran to achieve objectives that they could have never done under Trump.

This is a large, real threat to our country and to world peace.

We have the potential today of seeing worldwide conflict all happening at one time.

  • Peace comes from strength, and if the U.S. doesn’t portray strength, we will see the appeasement lead to the enslavement of people in Taiwan, Russia taking over more territory, and Israel being attacked like never before.

Click HERE to listen to the interview. It is 9-minutes long.

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