Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence for VP—What You Need to Know

Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence for VP—What You Need to Know

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The loud, outspoken, sometimes crass Donald Trump has chosen the calm, cool, and collected conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Are you surprised? I know I am!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike Pence. When I ran for Congress in a special election in 2011, the establishment Republicans were afraid to a make a stand.

The only Congressmen who endorsed me publicly were Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClintock … and Mike Pence.

Mike is a sold, free market advocate, strong on social issues.

What else does he bring to the Trump campaign? An outreach to conservatives, libertarians, conservative Catholics, and evangelicals.

One of the most conservative members of the House of representative during his tenure, Pence brings a sober, calm, yet a very convincing balance to the Trump ticket.

So, why did Trump pick Pence, a long-time elected officials with low name-recognition, who is hardly a flashy media type such as himself?

  1. Trump wants to shore up disgruntled social conservatives who originally voted for Cruz or Walker. Pence has declared his personal as well as political convictions very clearly: “I’m a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican last.”
  2. He wants a running mate who can work with Congress and pass an agenda
  3. Pence is a governor. A lot of conservatives supported different governors throughout the Election 2016 primary process. Trump wants added executive experience on his ticket.
  4. Pence represents Trump’s outreach to working and middle-class voters in the Rust Belt—Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as Michigan.
  5. Pence represents a symbolic victory for Trump, since that was the last state with a contested Republican primary. When Cruz lost by double-digits, he dropped out.
  6. He embodies the three key legs of Reagan conservatism: pro-life and pro-family, fiscal discipline (he voted against every House budget), and a strong national defense.

Pence has a lot of great qualities about him. Here are some interest facts about the Governor of Indiana:

  1. He is an outspoken born-again Christian. He has never been shy about his faith. He frequently cites the Bible in his speeches.
  2. He has an incredible calmness and meekness about himself. After his first two campaigns for Congress failed, Pence actually penned apology letters for running a negative campaign.
  3. When he was elected to Congress, Pence stood up to the Establishment of both parties in Washington on many issues.
  4. When the Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006, he sought the leadership of his minority conference. Although he lost that bid, he eventually served as the Chairman for the House Study Committee, the conservative arm of the House GOP caucus.

There are some negatives for Pence:

  1. During a tortured fight over religious liberty, Mike Pence first stood strong for protecting the religious liberties of all Hoosiers, including businesses as well as churches and charities. Sadly, as corporate pressure mounted, Pence caved and signed off on a “fix”, which basically removed the protections for businesses.
  2. He accepted the Obamacare Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, although he implemented key conservative reforms, like requiring a health savings account.

His record has impressed millions across the country. He has some negatives, but for the most part, readers across the country like Pence.

The best thing about this selection is not just if something bad happens to President Trump.

If Trump has one or two terms, Mike Pence will be the strong favorite to run for President after him. He could transform our nation for the better.

This choice is a major positive for this election. We could see 16 years of incredibly powerful improvement and growth for our country.

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  1. Craig,

    I’ve known Mike for 25 years and when I’ve had the honor of introducing him to various political groups that don’t know him well, I always make the point that “this is the real thing! Mike Pence is who he says he is…no hidden agendas, no politics above all and no skeletons in his closet. A first class human being and a great courageous politician!


  2. I wish he was running for President instead of Vice President. He appears to be the absolute opposite of Trump. Pence is the only reason I may be able to vote for this ticket. However, I will be leaving the voting booth with tears in my eyes. May God give Gov. Pence an abundance of wisdom and grace if he is elected to this position.


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