Surprise: Trump vs. Clinton in Advertising

Shocker: Trump v. Clinton in Marketing

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Who is winning the email campaign for Election 2016?

The results will shock you!

Email list size? Hillary crushes Donald:

clinton trump email list

When it comes to the percentage of emails opened, however, Trump is leaps ahead of Clinton:

trump clinton emails opened

How about the Twitter realm? Who is beating who?


Twitter Followers: 10 Million


Twitter Followers: 7.57 Million

What about Facebook? Who is getting more face times?



Total Page Likes



Total Page Likes

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  1. I find this extremely interesting, and have a difficult time believing that the information made available is accurate? Is it possible that the available information is purposefully made inaccurate? It has been my own experience that Facebook and Google favor promotion of Hilary. Most times I attempt to share a conservative political article, my ability to share it is blocked and not allowed. Or at other times the page I’m reading disappears. Never does this happen when I am reading an article from a liberal perspective. So my question is, how are the graphs designed, by whom, for what purpose?

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