Election 2016: Email Stats for Trump and Clinton

Election 2016: Email Stats for Trump and Clinton

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So, how are the two major Presidential candidates doing in the email campaign portion of this election?


Here are some very interesting charts which detail the volume of their email lists, the open rates, and other data (Source: ReturnPath.com)

  1. Email size

Return Path Email Size

As you can see, Hillary Clinton’s email list size crushes Donald Trump’s. It’s huge!

2.  Here is the percentage of emails opened:

Return Path Emails Opened

Trump nearly doubles Hillary for the percentage of emails opened.

3. What percentage of their emails were deleted without even being opened?

delete without open rate

Surprisingly enough, a larger percentage of Hillary Clinton’s recipients delete her emails compared to Donald Trump.


4. Here are the charts for the spam rates for both candidates’ email campaigns:

Return Path Spam Rate

Trump’s emails have a much higher spam rate, more than twice as high for one week.

5. Now, what percentage of their emails are marked as spam?

Return Path Marked as Spam

Now this statistic is very disturbing.

Donald Trump’s campaign team needs to investigate this trend. At least six times as many of Trump’s emails are getting tossed into the spam folder compared to Clinton’s.

What do you think of these data? How will all of this effect the November election? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. This is very disturbing. I have personally missed plenty of “conservative” based emails due to the emails having been dumped into my junk mail file. Sadly, I realized it after the 2008 election. What I noticed was that the liberal perspective emails and most non-poltical emails, made it to my mailbox. Many religious perspective emails never made it to my mailbox. It wasn’t until after the election that I became fully aware of how my mail, and therefore very possibly other conservative people’s email was being manipulated, in favor of at that time, Senator Barrack Obama. As I type this, I am experiencing specific challenges to my wrightings. I may be wrong, but it seems many times I’m being watched and disrupted when I express myself politically on line. I’m curious, has anyone else experienced this?

  2. It doesn’t surprise me at all that a much higher percentage of Donald Trump’s emails are being marked as SPAM. Liberals often have double standards and many work in high tech. They would say they are for free speech, but they truly are not, nor are they for Constitutional rights.

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