Disturbing: Murder of Full-Term Unborn Children Legalized [Videos]

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The move toward socialism is accelerating – including allowing partial birth abortion up to the moment of birth.

New York just passed the most radial abortion law in American history.

There are no restrictions on abortion up to the day of birth – if the mother claims that allowing her baby to be born alive would “threaten” her mental health.

Nurses – and even nurse practitioners – can legally perform the murder.

Watch this shocking video of the pros and cons of this new bill – soon to be duplicated in all states by the socialist Democrats. 

This short 1 ½ -minute video explains graphically and verbally how a partial birth abortion is performed. CAUTION: the verbal description is disturbing.


Here is another video of 3 former abortion clinic workers in Texas describing how the clinic doctor killed babies that were born alive after botched abortions (14 minutes).


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  1. Disturbed and disgusted NY passes a bill to murder human life. Why didn’t he sign a bill that says if woman’s health in jeopardy, birth the baby. There are many preemie births. And, why is a woman’s life worth more than a baby’s?!

    Euthanasia next?

  2. God did not tolerate the heinous sins of Noah’s time and those of Sodom and Gomorrah, and he dealt with it HIS way. So, how are we any different these days?

    I am SO GLAD that Trump and Pence are in office and that we have conservative judges on the Supreme Court, with another one coming right up, so that this evil cannot be allowed to be the new normal. They are even talking about allowing coat hanger abortions to be legal again–SATANIC! So GLAD that “Killery” is NOT our president, as she would be “all in” for this SATANIC practice being made the law of our land.

  3. Please go to American Center for Law and Justice, Chief Counsel, Jay Seculo who has started a petition against this barbaric law that just came out of NY, now VA and VT also, that will allows the murder of fully developed newborn babies, up to the time of birth and even after birth once out of the womb. Lets bombard congress and the governor’s offices of NY, VA and VT and let them know that we the American People will not tolerate this heinous and barbaric practice. This is what happened in Germany under Adolph Hitler and the Church in Germany allowed it by not standing up to Hitler and his Third Reicht. It is time for the true church to arise in NY, VA and VT and other states that want to impose this barbaric practice on we the people. We must take action and speak out to save the most defenseless among us. Plain and simple people, its called infanticide and we must “arise and shine” and take action against it. We are called to be salt and light in a dark place. It is time to take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ out of the pews in the Church and get out into the highways and byways of life. We must save these babies! If we don’t arise and take action, God’s Judgement will fall on this country like never before! Pray about what God would have you do. All it takes for darkness to prevail and for our freedoms to be lost, is for good men to do nothing. God bless you

  4. Killing a precious baby is murder.

    No one can kill a baby and have any human feelings.

    I pray for an end to these abortion forever!

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