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6 News Stories You Should Know but the Media and Big Tech Censored or Suppressed

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  1. Radical Groups Support Biden… Two of the nation’s largest and most radical groups are endorsing Biden for reelection.
  • NextGen PAC: The nation’s largest youth voter Organization
  • MoveOn: The earliest endorsement of a president in the group’s 25-year history
  1. Biden regulations: half of all cars sold in U.S. to be zero emissions by 2030.
    Avg EV cost: $64,338
    Avg Compact gas car cost: $26,101
  2. Hillary’s view on the Presidential Race
    Hillary Clinton says “Trump will probably win primary… But He’s too toxic to win re-election… But Biden will.”
  3. FBI Pays Pre-Mush Twitter to Censor
    The FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million between October 2-19 and February 2021 to censor what the ideologically driven Bureaucrats said was “Misinformation” or labeled “Disinformation” because they disagreed with it, or it would hurt the Democrats.
  4. Your Tax Money is Only Paying Interest, and the Debt is Skyrocketing
    Total outlays for interest on the public debt were $460.3 billion for the first seven months of FY 2023 (through April), compared to $350.3 billion for the first seven months of FY 2022, an increase of $110 billion.
  5. Antifa Teacher Paid, Yes Paid to Resign
    After terrible nationwide publicity, the Natomas Unified School District in California is paying, yes PAYING, a teacher having an ANTIFA flag in his classroom to resign. He will get $190,000 for his resignation. With existing teacher union backed restrictions, they could not fire the teacher.

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