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Voter Guide: 3 New Presidential Candidates—Our Recommendations for Upcoming Elections—4 Things You Should Know [Video]

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1)  Three new presidential candidates

In an already overcrowded Republican primary, three new candidates have made their official announcements.

  • Vice President Pence: Pence served under President Trump as Vice President, was a Congressman and Governor of Indiana. He’s well-known for his famous statement, “I’m a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican—In that order.” His main focus is to win the Republican primary with the Evangelical vote. He has extensive campaign experience, staff, and infrastructure in place in the key primary states.
  • Governor Chris Christie: Christie is the former 2-time Governor of New Jersey. He has been filled with controversy for his remarks and questionable ethical actions as Governor. In 2016, he ran for president but did so poorly in New Hampshire that he dropped out of the race. He pledges to correct what he did wrong last time. He’s positioned himself as the anti-Trump candidate, focusing on destroying former President Trump. A moderate Republican, he had worked for Trump for a while but had major disagreements with him.
  • North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum: Burgum’s an effective and successful Governor of North Dakota, initiating free-market economic reforms and conservative social reforms in North Dakota. Although little known, he is a high-tech executive turned Governor who knows how to run businesses and effectively get things done.

We will have more extensive profiles on each of these candidates in upcoming issues.

Note: We are not endorsing any candidate until after the first debate in a few months. But we are providing you with all the information about each candidate so that you’re well informed.

2) Here are the campaign videos:

3) The Election Forum Voter Guide

Our voter guide researchers and infrastructure staff are now posting upcoming elections in the state of Tennessee, including the Mayor of Nashville and council candidates, the Franklin Mayor and council candidates, and other offices.

We also have listed the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, California races, and other local elections are now in the voter guide, with more to come.

View the voter guide online for new additions– in 2 weeks, we’ll have races listed that impact your community.

We’re still over $250,000 short of being able to do all of the research and postings and promote the voter guide.

We need your help.

If you can donate $10 or more, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

  1. You can donate online.
  2. You can also call us at 615-490-8832 to donate between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM CST.
  3. Lastly, we’ll accept a check made payable to Turn America Around Fund mailed to us at our office located at:

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Thanks in advance for your help and support.

4) Ballot Harvesting

If you’re curious about ballot harvesting, I have 2 resources for you that I recommend:

Note: We do have a special report on ballot harvesting that’s now being updated and will be available shortly. And for church ballot harvesting, see chapter 16 in my book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values.

I’m pleased to note that in talking to Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, he’s helping put church ballot harvesting at a historically high level. I hope to do a podcast interview with him shortly.

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