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Missed It: Tucker Carlson’s Post-Fox Debut [Video]

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Title: In Case You Missed It: Tucker Carlson’s First Appearance Since Leaving Fox [Video]

Tucker Carlson has finally reappeared. His first episode was about 10 minutes long and covered several subjects—All very controversial and sure to spark discussion.

He covered everything from the Ukraine war to the biased media and even UFOs.

As always, his discussion was interesting and had some profound truths… and, of course, some speculative topics that others would be afraid to mention.

Probably the most important part of his monologue was his disclosures regarding the Biden Administration, our intelligence agencies, and the Ukrainian government as the likely culprit that destroyed the Russian gas pipeline to European countries and was blamed on the Russians blowing up their own pipeline.

Carlson’s first Twitter broadcast tallied up over 9 million views in its first two hours. By the 3rd hour, he raked in over 13 million views—Totally blowing away Fox News’ ratings!

Tucker’s Twitter debut did not sit well with Fox News, and it seems they are starting to sweat…

The very next day, Fox News Channel (FNC) announced that Carlson had breached his contract by releasing the “first episode” of his new show on Twitter.

Carlson’s legal team said that any attempt by FNC to take legal action would “violate Carlson’s First Amendment rights.”

Watch Tucker’s Twitter debut video.

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