Your Thoughts for Trump?

Your Thoughts for Trump?

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I will be attending the inauguration of our next President, Donald Trump, on January 20th.

After the swearing-in, I will be attending an inaugural ball and other events.

If I get a chance, What do you want me to talk to him about?

What should I ask him?

Email me your questions or statements, and I will share them with the President if I can.

Email me at

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  1. I feel there is no reason to be anything but good friends with Russia. It is not the same country, nor does it have the same kind of government or leadership they had in the past, which put us at odds. I hope Rex Tillerson is nominated as Sec. of State. He, being personal friends of Putin will surely be a great start in working together to eliminate our common, terrorist enemies; and, for economic reasons. We cannot afford to have a bad relationship with Russia and China, especially in view of China’s egregious efforts to build islands, and declare open shipping lanes as their territories. This is obviously a very dangerous scheme they are involved in and most likely there are ulterior motives.

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