Your Tax Money: Waste, Pork, and Insanity

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Your tax money should be used only for national defense, justice, and necessary government functions… But that’s not the case. It’s being wasted on special interest projects and lobbyist.

Senator Rand Paul has released his yearly report on government waste.

Senator Paul reviewed various wasteful federal government programs. He has provided taxpayers with a sense of the waste that goes on in DC.

The report highlighted over 482,276,543,907 billion of your tax money as examples of government waste.

Here are a few examples of the government Pork programs over one million dollars that stood out to me… and frankly made me sick:

Let me add these outrageous taxpayers funded programs under one million dollars:

And let me add one last thing. This wasted taxpayer money could be going instead toward national defense or securing the border, or other legitimate programs. However, a lot of the wasteful spending is going toward paying off the $32 trillion-dollar national debt, which only hurts the economy and makes bankers and investors even wealthier because of reckless government overspending.

Interest payments are what we pay on the debt.

It’s time to stop the waste.

It’s time to downsize the size of the government.

It’s time to have 2024 be the year that we completely turn America around.

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