Whom Do Atheists and Agnostics Support for President: Surprised?

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According to a new Pews Research Center survey:

· 30% support Bernie Sanders

· 29% support Elizabeth Warren

· 12% are for Joe Biden

What about Democrats who are agnostic?

· 36% are for Bernie Sanders

· 23% are for Elizabeth Warren

· 15% support Joe Biden

The survey of 12,638 was based on registered voters who are Democrat or who lean Democrat.

The survey didn’t specifically identify the 27% of the population called “Nones” – those who don’t identify with any religion or religious view. This is the fastest-growing voting bloc in the nation.

Whom do big government/pro-socialist evangelicals support for president?

In 2016, 81% of white evangelicals who voted cast their ballot for Donald Trump.

In 2020, President Trump could get 76% to 86% of the evangelical vote depending on the turnout. There are 80 million potential evangelical voters.

Pew Research conducted a poll of “religious” Democrats – a large part of the 29% who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016.

Here are the findings for white evangelical Democrat voters:

· 37% support Joe Biden

· 14% are for Elizabeth Warren

· 12% support Bernie Sanders

Among black Protestant Democrats who are not Catholic or evangelical:

· 44% support Joe Biden

· 11% support Bernie Sanders

· 7% support Elizabeth Warren

Among all Catholic voters:

· 34% support Joe Biden

· 18% support Bernie Sanders

· 10% favor Elizabeth Warren

Among all Jewish voters:

· 31% support Joe Biden

· 20% are for Elizabeth Warren

· 13% prefer Pete Buttigieg

· 11% support Bernie Sanders

So, if the 2020 presidential election were held today, whom would you vote for?

If you haven’t already indicated your preference in our online presidential poll, please click here to participate. We will be informing the media of the results.

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