How Obamacare has been Secretly Funding Abortions with Your Tax Dollars: Revealing the Hidden Abortion Surcharge

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It’s been devious and dishonest…

It’s pretended to comply with federal law prohibiting the use of federal funds to pay for abortion – but it hasn’t complied at all…

And it’s been so convoluted and complicated that few people have understood it.

But President Trump has pulled the curtain back and revealed the hidden truth.

Let me explain.

Since 1994, the Hyde Amendment – originally passed in 1976 but relaxed in 1994 – has prohibited the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortion except in the following 3 situations:

1. The pregnancy is the result of rape

2. The pregnancy is the result of incest

3. The pregnancy threatens to take the life of the mother

The language of the 2700-page Affordable Care Act (ACA) – also known as Obamacare – pretended to implement the Hyde Amendment restrictions by making a distinction between abortions for which federal funding could be used, and abortions for which federal funding was prohibited.

To be fair, President Obama also issued Executive Order 13535, which stated that federal funding – including premium subsidies and cost-sharing subsidies – could not be used to pay for abortions unless the mother’s life was in danger or the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

But complying with this executive order has been next to impossible…

This is because insurance companies offering coverage for abortion on the federal exchange never have been required to make a distinction between abortions that could be federally funded versus abortions that could not be federally funded under the Hyde Amendment.

The ACA only requires that companies offering plans covering abortion “collect from each enrollee in the plan (without regard to the enrollee’s age, sex, or family status) a separate payment” for abortion services.

The “separate payment” must be listed as a separate line item on the enrollee’s monthly insurance invoice. But when the enrollee qualifies for a federal subsidy or tax credit, the amount of the subsidy or credit is based on the entire monthly premium – including the amount collected for abortion services.

It’s been an effective “end run” around the taxpayer-funding of abortion restrictions imposed by the Hyde Amendment.

But no more…

The Trump administration has put a stop to the hidden abortion surcharge paid for by your tax dollars…

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued a new rule requiring insurance companies that offer plans covering abortion on either the state-based exchanges or the federal exchange to issue two separate monthly bills to enrollees – one for abortion coverage and one for their other healthcare coverage.

This will prevent premium subsidies and tax credits from funding abortion.

Alex Azar, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said, “The separate billing requirement fulfills Congress’ intent and reflects President Trump’s strong commitment to preventing taxpayer funding of abortion coverage.”

Incidentally, all of the Democrat candidates for president want to abolish the Hyde Amendment and allow federal funding of ALL abortions.

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  1. Obviously the safe, legal and rare argument has been long forgotten. The over 60 million abortions/murders of preborn humans horrifies me. The shift from life as sacred to life as disposable hurts us all at deep levels. And, as I understand it, the majority are babies of color, right in line both with Margaret Sanger’s goals and genocide. We need to stand for higher values.

  2. I am a public school teacher. All teachers unions are explicitly pro abortion, Planned Parenthood, pro Democrat funders.
    Teachers who agree that every life is sacred and protected by the Constitution should use their right to opt out of their union.
    The Supreme Court June 2018 affirmed in the Janus decision that forced union membership to secure a job violates the 1st Amendment rights of the individual public employee.
    All public employees are free to exit their union and to continue to be covered by all conditions within the union contract.
    In California the unions previously secured the rights to be the sole negotiator for public employees.
    Union members whose monthly dues, full or partial, do not align with their union have been forced members. Their dollars have been used to secure pro Democrat candidates, propositions, and their lobbyists.
    OptOutToday can help union members complete the simple opt out process.
    Freedom Foundation offers videos and info on this issue.
    As a liberated public school teacher I no longer support social engineering agendas. I support the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Im entitled to all contained within the school district/union contract.
    For further professional protection I joined a professional insurance group for $20.00 monthly.
    I gave myself a significant monthly raise and peace of conscience.
    The union has held public employees hostage since the Abood decision.
    I contend 40 years of forced union membership is partly to blame for the political direction of California.
    Free At Last!!!!!

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