Caution: Nine Troubling Realities Regarding Coronavirus, Socialism, and Your Well-Being.

Warning: 9 Disturbing Facts About Coronavirus, Socialism and Your Health

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It’s like a strange apoplectic movie…

It’s a deadly, fast-spreading disease…

It’s causing an inhumane, repressive reaction of oppression, coercion, and terror from socialist dictators … and a tangled web of lies, cover ups, and myths.

Tragically, it’s turning the world upside down.

In just a few months Coronavirus has surpassed the global death total of the SARS epidemic in 2002-2003. It has now spread to more than 27 countries.

Some scientists predict one-third of all human beings will get it. Others say far less.

Some say the death rate is 2% … others say it’s 15%.

So what’s going on?

Here are 9 disturbing facts you should know about this growing danger:

  1. China is lying about what they are doing to the sick and how they are handling the dead.

It’s typical government propaganda.

The socialist/communist government has controlled all news about those who are sick, dying, or dead.

They are controlling all the news about the inhumane treatment the socialist government is inflicting against the people.

And they are controlling the news about how this has all started.

But Senator Tom Cotton and other scientists believe Coronavirus may have come from one of 40 Chinese biochemical labs.

In other words, a bioweapon accidentally exposed the lab.

Suspiciously, the Chinese government has refused help from the U.S. – and all outside information to help – in determining the exact genetic sequence of virus being evaluated by worldwide labs.

  1. Coronavirus spreads in new, dangerous ways.

The virus spreads through coughing and sneezing – similar to the flu – and from breathing it. But there’s much more…

It can enter through your eyes…

It can come through your food or drink…

Worse, it can live for 9 to 12 days on anything … some say longer.

It can be on an elevator button … a door handle … a water faucet.

It can be on money you touch … the drinking glass you hold … the spoon at a buffet.

3. You can have Coronavirus and show no signs for a long time.

First we were told the incubation period was 7 days.

Then it was 10 days … then 14 days … then 24 days…

A forehead thermometer with a normal reading isn’t proof that a person doesn’t have the virus.

And remember, many cases are mild…

Like the flu, most people survive Coronavirus. Most wouldn’t know the difference between Coronavirus and traditional flu.

4. What you can do to protect yourself and your family

Wash your hands!

Use wipes and germ-killing gel.

Build up your immune system … which may be of little help if it’s as resistant as some claim.

Stay away from people who might have it.

Stay away from anything that could put you in danger… even cruise ships.

There’s not much more you can do.

5. What about a cure?

The socialist government of China is trying to find a cure and a prevention vaccination … but government never does this well.

In the U.S., private companies are working overtime to discover vaccinations and cures.

It’s the difference between an inefficient bureaucracy [Socialism] and the profit motivation [Free Enterprise].

Expect the private sector to beat their government.

But it could take 3 or 4 months…

Even after an effective vaccine is thought to have been developed, extensive animal testing, followed by extensive human testing, will need to be done before the vaccine can be manufactured in large quantities and made available to the public.

Hopefully the U.S. government/FDA will stay out of the way so lives can be saved.

6. What about the people in China who are in quarantine or who have the virus?

Over 50 million Chinese have been quarantined…

And residential lockdowns of varying intensity – from checkpoints at building entrances to hard restrictions on going outside – now are impacting at least 760 million people in China. That’s more than half the total population of the country!

Nothing like this has ever happened in history.

And what they’ve done to destroy respect of life, freedom, and family is what you’d expect from socialism – with its oppressive tyranny.

The impact on the Chinese is not a cure, but a greater number of deaths … and more government control.

Those sick, dying, and dead are completely overwhelming the hospitals, ordinary  healthcare, crematoriums, the infrastructure – everything.

Literally, dead bodies are being buried in mass graves or burned en masse.

The power of the state – the use of government – to solve problems always creates greater problems and slows progress.

China is an example of this.

People – even if only slightly sick – are dragged to inhumane camps – literally death camps.

They call it the “Peoples War” against epidemic.

Thugs in white hazard suits drag these people by force from their homes into an area where they will only get worse and die. They are treated like criminals, not like humans.

You’re not wearing a mask? To the death camp.

Know someone sick? To the death camp.

Have a fever? You and everyone you know to the death camp … to die.

7. What about the quality of the drugs being administered for Coronavirus?

No one trusts the quality control for medications and drugs developed in China.

Because so many medications sold in the U.S. are made in China, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps U.S. inspectors in China to monitor drug production. But all the inspectors have been recalled because of the Coronavirus. They won’t be back anytime soon – probably not for a year or more.

Would you trust an antibiotic from China when there are no FDA inspectors monitoring manufacturing quality? How about a cancer treatment?

In a sense, China intentionally or unintentionally could be weaponizing our medical system against us…

Even processed vitamins are made in China. Be sure to take only those made in the U.S.

Follow the advice of trusted nutritional experts such as Dr. Bruce West and his Health Alert newsletter.

8. Possible economic and healthcare problems ahead in the U.S.

There are now over 30 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the U.S.

It’s possible we’ll see our own urgent care, emergency rooms and doctor’s offices overwhelmed with flu patients worried that they have Coronavirus.

It’s been reported that 5,000 U.S. citizens have quarantined themselves out of fear of contracting Coronavirus.

If you are concerned, it’s best to see a doctor now rather than later.

And, since China is the number one producer of latex gloves, face masks and other medical supplies, it’s likely there will be a major shortage of these and other items.

China could basically shut down our healthcare system … as 97% of all antibiotics and 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for drug production come from China.

Fentanyl and Propofol are made in China…

Antidepressants, HIV/AIDS medicines, medications for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes and more all come from China.

China is the number one pharmacy provider in the world. It dominates the pharmaceutical industry.

If China shuts down these exports, there will be major problems – not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

9. Socialism always fails. It never produces the utopia it promises.

Socialism’s history has been a history of oppression and death…

Central economic planning crushes the middle class and widens the gap between the rich elite central planners and everyone else.


John Dalberg-Acton – Lord Acton – explained the problem this way: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and the other socialist presidential candidates do not understand the corrupting influence of extensive government power and control.

Here are just a couple of the characteristics of a socialist government:

  • Socialism tramples the rights of the individual for the sake of the “collective” – which really is just another term for the elite government leaders.
  • Socialism uses the coercion and force of the State to oppress its opposition – those not fully in lock-step support of the government order.

These characteristics of complete government control are the fuel that could create the largest health crisis and the largest human rights crisis the world has ever seen.

Only in a free society in which:

  • corrupt government leaders can’t do widespread harm to citizens
  • people’s self-interests are used for good, not as a means to gain power
  • individual rights are protected, not abused

… will life’s greatest problems and challenges be solved.

Socialist government policies create slavery and death.

Free enterprise policies create ingenuity and freedom.

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  1. I have a large concern about the rise of pro-socialism in our country. I have taught spiritual seminars in many cities in Russia and Ukraine beginning in 1991. I have heard the deep and painful stories from almost everyone. It is urgent to educate people quickly re: actual history and the techniques of social control used to take over a Nation and take away freedom.

  2. Craig.

    I had no idea our medical supply is possibly in harm’s way. What can we do, and what can the government do to stem this tide?

  3. The current popularity of socialism and its most vocal proponent Bernie Sanders is the result of the previous decades of propaganda taught in our primary, secondary, university educational systems and most media along with the systematic destruction of historical values.

    1. Jim – We would be better off if all government schools were closed and people looked for their own method of becoming educated. Currently people who are illiterate graduate from high school. Without government schools they would know they need to become educated and it would up to them. Christians could step into the gap and educate kids (and adults) while spreading the Gospel instead of the anti-Christian humanism that government schools teach.

  4. “It can come through your food or drink…”


    “Can I catch the coronavirus by eating food prepared by others?

    We are still learning about transmission of COVID-19. It’s not clear if this is possible, but if so it would be more likely to be the exception than the rule. That said, COVID-19 and other coronaviruses have been detected in the stool of certain patients, so we currently cannot rule out the possibility of occasional transmission from infected food handlers. The virus would likely be killed by cooking the food.”

  5. Once leftists have gotten into positions of authority and control in our news media, public schools, colleges, and universities they filter out all employment applicants who do not agree with their political agenda and have thus created the dire situation we find ourselves in today. I believe that we need private institutions run by conservative leaders. The practice of being fair minded in giving all applicants a chance has apparently passed in lieu of we have in these institutions today. Allowing leftists into our news media and institutions of learning is like allowing cancer cells into a human body; once they get a foothold and take over all other kinds are crowded out until illness and death occurs. I believe that we should abolish all government run education and give tax credit and incentives for educational purposes at privately run schools. These credits and incentives should only be allowed for education lest people waste it in other ways. Unfortunately, money…big money, controls our world and leftists possess most of it and it seems that “it’s money that makes the world go ’round”, not love.

  6. Craig,

    The death rates from the COVID-19 reported from China are way below that being published by free nations, South Korea in particular, but also in the US, though our exposure time is the least of all at this point so we have the least data.

    I have a proxy for estimating the COVID-19 deaths in China. Prior to the escape of COVID-19 from a BioLab in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, the funeral crematoriums from Wuhan’s 49 Funeral Homes worked 4 hours per day 5 days or 7 days per week.

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak Wuhan’s funeral home crematoriums are working 24/7 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Using the normal demand prior to the outbreak the total hours for the 49 Wuhan funeral homes is either 4 x 5 = 20 hours per week or 4 x 7 = 28 hours per week.

    Let’s use the largest, 28 hours per week, just to be on the safe side with our proxy estimate of deaths (number of hours crematoriums are used per week) in Wuhan under normal conditions.

    In one week there are 7 x 24 hours = 168 hours
    168 hours per week – 28 hours per week = 140 hours “over time”
    So a rough estimate in the growth rate of crematorium hours is:
    140/28 = 5, this means Wuhan’s funeral home crematoriums are working 500% more since COVID-19 than under normal conditions.

    Since 24/7 is the maximum possible hours per week that hints the real increase in weekly deaths in Wuhan has increased OVER 500% since the outbreak. Reports from Wuhan a few weeks ago said the sky over the city is thick with smoke from the 49 crematoriums working around the clock. Another proxy data point is the $143/ hour wage being offered for workers to gather bodies from the streets and place them in the funeral home. That is an unheard of rate for unskilled labor in China.

    There is some good news, COVID-19 does not affect all people the same. African ancestries are the most resistant to it, followed by Caucasian ancestries from England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia. The general rule seems to be that those whose ancestries are from hot, wet climates or cold, wet climates have highest resistance. Bear in mind Resistance does not give Immunity!!

    Men in general are twice as likely as women to die from COVID-19 within the various groups. Children seem least affected of all.

    The most curious statistic is for Asian men, who are the least resistant to COVID-19 of all groups. The lungs of Asian men have about 5 times the number of receptors for COVID-19 as Caucasian men.

    The last time I checked China is run by Asian men, why would a BioLab in Wuhan China be experimenting with a deadly virus that is most deadly to Asian men? (Perhaps the lingering effect of the 1 child policy from a generation ago that skewed the population in favor of male children??? just a guess, I have no confirming data. Then we should remember that the Chinese Communist Leadership’s perceived greatest enemy is not the United States but unemployed and unhappy Chinese citizens.)

  7. Only in a free society in which:

    -corrupt government leaders can’t do widespread harm to citizens
    -people’s self-interests are used for good, not as a means to gain power
    -individual rights are protected, not abused
    Where are we now?
    -Did you know that some of your neighbors were not “essential” Or that their business was not “essential”? Every business is essential, every job is essential! People work to get money to buy food, shelter, and clothing for their families! I support our president but these actions to our citizens by the state are completely out of hand. Our president said at a rally; “We will never be a socialist country” where are we now? You can go, you have to stay, your business must close, you can stay open. I am sure there are some who are gleeful with delight at what is being done to our country.

    And with this stimulus/rescue package for untold amounts of money we are guaranteed that there will be who knows how much “pork” in this spending bill. We are giving the Pharmaceutical companies a blank check to make the devices! Come up with a vaccine! Increase production!
    Where will the government get all this money? Print or borrow? Both are bad ideas. Borrow from China? So they can have more leverage against us? Check out how much medicine and supplies we have made in China, things that many people need daily. Do you think the kind and caring Totalitarian regime in China would ever use that against us? (answer is: Yes)

    -So do you think the government should do nothing? Almost. They just needed to issue an advisory: There is a new strain of the flu that appears to affect the elderly and those with respiratory/underlying conditions. Be aware, be careful.

    -There is an old phrase that came to my mind when this virus popped up on the radar a couple of months ago and that is; Follow the money, I have added to it and now say: Follow the money and or the power. There are some smart, intelligent people who do not have love thy neighbor as a guiding principle in their life. Some want the money, regardless of consequence and some want the power, politicians, with none of the responsibility. Some are going to have a great second quarter

    Be aware people

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