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Pastor’s Fiery Call: School Board & Pastors [Video]

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Title: Watch This Pastor Standing Strong, Calling Out Other Pastors Who Are Silent: Pastor Brings Fiery Passion and Truth to The School Board, Parents, Christians and Pastors [Must-See Video].

Pastors from the start of our nation spoke out against evil and wrongs.

You must see this short video of a pastor who just spoke out. Let me explain.

Pastor John Amanchukwu, like most parents, had enough of his local school teaching critical race theory (CTR), gender theory, and intersexuality instead of the basics: reading, science, math, English, and history.

Speaking recently, in front of the local school board in North Carolina, he called them out for their “left-wing, socialist woke indoctrination” of our children. The pastor, who has 3 children in the school district, was extremely passionate about CRT, which is a racist doctrine used to divide people.

He was also concerned about, the school’s failure to educate the children of his school district. He went on to read the district’s own statistics regarding math proficiency among black students — a staggering 78% of 3rd through 8th-grade black students are not proficient in math.

He blamed the board for wasting taxpayer money on a “diversity” curriculum that’s not benefitting students but hurting the kids that “need education the most”.

He called for an end to teaching “cultural Marxism” in schools and to stop “grooming children”.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a false god, that these evil people are forcing everyone to bend a knee to… They will cancel and destroy you if you don’t. We need to speak out for all children, no matter what their color or creed is,” said the pastor.

The video of pastor Amanchukwu addressing the school board went viral. In fact, so much so that it’s inspired parents across the country to find the strength to fight back.

That’s because the same thing is happening across America, most likely in your town as well.

Pastor Amanchukwu said that he would be “happy to go to every school district in the country and fight for our children,” against this evil indoctrination.

The Pastor called on pastors to speak out against this evil. He said, “The modern-day pastor is a wimp — They need to be watchmen. The Bible says that the blood will be on the hands of these pastors (or watchmen) if they fail to expose the truth of what’s going on.”

The pastor warns everyone that the upcoming midterms are critical in taking our schools back and stopping this socialist madness.

Click HERE to see Pastor Amanchukwu’s explosive interview on Tucker Carlson, and why he has parents fired up.

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  1. Dear Craig and Shelly,
    Good morning dear brother and sister in Christ Jesus. Thank you for the lovely Christmas card with a beautiful picture of both of you. It was so enduring.
    So Grateful,
    Audrey Hartmark
    ps since im not tech savy, could not pull down video of the pastor who spoke so bodly. If our country is in dire straights, we know it is because our pulpits are lacking.
    My family and I Love your Charlie Brown picture.
    Thank you so much for your caring ministry. It is so appreciated.

  2. Finally someone speaks out. Ministers don’t speak up because of fear of people. A minister in colorado is going to hold a conference for ministers and speak out. God Bless them. I am getting to dislike people because of their ways. Love them and pray for them is about all a person can do. I do speak out though. Thank You for sharing. My Lord and Savior still has control of this world.

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