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6 Important Facts You Probably Don’t Know… But Should

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#1: Court Victory: No Right to Abortion

The Idaho Supreme Court ruled there is no right to unnecessary elective abortions in the state’s constitution. Another vote integrity victory.

#2: Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio signed election integrity legislation strengthening Ohio’s voter ID law

Another voter integrity victory. What about your state?

#3: CDC Bureaucrats’ Corruption: Dangerous Ideology Policies

VAERS Analysis is an imperfect standard for drug safety and early warning signs of major pokies pay id health risks and problems.

We now know that the DEATH safety signal was first triggered in VAERS less than a month after the vaccines rolled out. Nobody at the CDC alerted the public that the vaccines had side effects and dangers. Now two years later, the CDC pretends there are no problems.

#4: Stock Market Sign of Economic Crisis

2022 was the most volatile on record for the stock market. The S&P 500 moved up or down more than 120 days last year, which is second only to 2008 when the count was 130 days during the depths of the Global Financial Crisis.

#5: More Documented Evidence On mRNA Covid Shot: Misinformation By Government And The Medical Establishment

Do the mRNA shots reduce hospitalizations from Covid? Some doctors say yes, and CDC says yes. But often, doctors and scientists say no.

The problem is there are no studies that are valid.


One reason: Hospitals are systemically misclassifying vaccinations but still repeat the unproven claim that unvaccinated people are at a much higher risk of being hospitalized from Covid.

Patients listed as having “unknown” Covid vaccinations are actually Covid-19 vaccinated. Recent evidence shows Hospitals overestimate the number of unvaccinated patients though it does not know by how much, which distorts the truth.

#6: Cybercrime: Increasing, But Few Know Its Happening

Hackers disrupted Denmark’s central banks along with seven others private banks.

Cybercrime is expected to surge from around $8 trillion today to north of $23 trillion by 2027.

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