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WARNING! Don’t Pay Attention to Voter Guides You Receive in the Mail [Videos]

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They are usually multi-color brochures that are professionally printed.

They look very official … They look like they were produced by the local Republican Party … or by a Republican-financed Political Action Committee (PAC).

They contain a “sample ballot” on the inside … with large checkmarks in the boxes next to the candidates you should vote for.

But the recommended candidates aren’t Republicans … they are Democrats!

These voter guides are called “Slate Mailers” … and their intent is to deceive you.

If you receive one of these “voter guides” in the mail, toss it.

Watch this short video for more information about how this deceptive marketing technique works – and who’s behind it.

Click here:

Instead of following the voter recommendations in a slate mailer, go to our Election Forum voter guide (California voters):

If you can, also attend an Election Forum live … where you will get the rationale behind our voter guide recommendations.

Watch this 30-second video on what happens at churches that have the Election Forum:

Click here to see the current schedule of Election Forums:

Remember, the California statewide primary election is June 5th.


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