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Disturbing: 5 Dangerous Reasons ‘Single Pay’ Healthcare Will Hurt You and Your Family [Video]

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The media and politicians are pushing a “single payer” healthcare system since the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare failed in Congress.

But single payer healthcare would be a disaster for you and your family…

And it would be destructive for America, our economy and for medical innovations.

Here are 5 dangerous consequences of single payer healthcare that the media and the politicians aren’t telling you:

  1. Single payer healthcare puts the government – not your doctor – in charge of your healthcare.

Sure, on the surface universal healthcare through “single payer” sounds like a great idea until:

  • You realize your healthcare is managed by a slow-moving, bloated bureaucratic government
  • Your quality of healthcare, without competition, declines.
  • You get the bill in the form of skyrocketing taxes. (Hey, somebody has to pay for this, might as well be you)
  • You can’t see your doctor.
  • You can’t have your operation.
  • You may not get the drugs or care you need or want.

It’s not far-fetched … Long wait times are the hallmark of government-run healthcare systems.

In a telling sign of just how bad, a Canadian doctor on Bernie Sanders’ own Podcast admitted that it could take an entire year to see a specialist.

If you have migraines and need to see a neurologist, it could take months, the doctor said. Hip or knee replacement? Months to a year wait!

Remember the debacle in England with Baby Charlie Gard … the government wouldn’t even let the parents seek care elsewhere to try to save their child.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s famous quote: “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  1. The cost of healthcare skyrockets under single payer … while the quality of healthcare declines.

It’s a ploy … a disguised system of “sharing the wealth.”

It will burden you and your family by taking your hard-earned money and giving it to others.

It will burden families and businesses with huge tax increases.

One of the selling points – according to Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and other Democrats – is it would save middle-class families thousands of dollars a year by eliminating their private insurances costs and replacing it with a publicly funded program.

Sanders places the annual national cost at $1.2 trillion.

Vermont tried single payer and abandoned it after realizing it couldn’t come up with “a couple of billions of dollars” more it needed through taxing businesses, working families and the state’s economic resources.

Vermont’s plan would have required a 160% tax increase. That’s a fiscal train wreck.

  1. Doctors will refuse to participate in a single-payer healthcare system.

What incentive will doctors have to participate in a healthcare system in which the government sets the fees they can charge for office visits and other services?

Already, many doctors refuse to participate in Medicare because of the low fees Medicare approves … and because it can take up to 6 months for them to be reimbursed by Medicare.

It will only be worse under a single payer “Medicare for all” system.

  1. Hospitals will go out of business.

Some hospitals simply won’t survive if all services are billed at the typical payment rates for government programs.

Healthcare options will be more limited under a single payer system … and without competition the quality of care will decline.

  1. If you have private health insurance, you will lose it under a single payer healthcare system.

The main point of a single payer healthcare system is to eliminate the health insurance industry.

Every single person who currently gets private insurance would be thrust into an entirely new government-run plan.

Every single healthcare provider in the U.S. that does business with private insurers would have to reorganize their billing and financing structures.

Everyone who works for a private health insurance company would be out of a job, or would have to work for the government, either as a contractor (usually, no benefits) or an employee.

Forget about you and your doctor choosing drugs, surgeries, treatments. All will be codified and rationed.

Watch this powerful 4-minute video on why government-controlled healthcare doesn’t work.


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  1. Will all government workers be compelled to use the same health care that they force on the rest of us? I think I know the answer. The’ll say they get health care from being in Congress or state government – which of course is our money paid for by us taxpayers that they voted in for themselves. It’s time they use the same system that is forced on us right now.

  2. Dearest Craig,
    Heartfelt thanks for being God’s representative in always sharing the truth in order to protect us… just as Jesus does in His Holy Word, the Bible.
    Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for using Your faithful servant Craig to expose the destructive and deceptive lies of this world. Wow, what a powerfully protective gift to get these truths. Please give us wisdom to act on them and a fervor to share Your truths through Craig with many others. Please help us submit to You and each other in love, Amen

  3. Corrections:
    3. Doctors will not refuse to participate. They will be forced as part of their obligation for student loans. Instead, doctors will be doing bare minimum or less, and then to get the real medical service, you will have to pay privately under the table. Ask people from Soviet Union, they remember how it really works.
    4. Hospitals will not go out of business. It will be nationalized. So, to get to the good care, see #3. But if you branded “undesireable” by government, than incidentally there will be no bed available in any hospital. So if you are 2ND Amendment supporter, Constitional right supporter, or government criticizer, you better be healthy under single payer. Also, it would be probably dangerous for the undesireble to go to the government con trilled hospital, meaning any hospital…
    5. Private insurances will be useless since doctors will prefer under the table money.

    We have so many immigrants from Soviet Union. Why don’t we ask them. They can tell us exactly how it was. After all they ran from the system like Berne Sanders want to American system. Doesn’t it ring a bell?

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