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I’ve done 2 radio interviews in the past week:

  1. Pacific Justice Institute – where I talked about the regulatory burden facing small businesses in California … the nationwide discrimination against Christian businesses … and the crime wave occurring in California due to the early release from prison of thousands of criminals.
  2. Constitution Radio – where I talked about the importance of the 2018 election … California Assembly Bill 2943 … some of the candidates on the California ballot … and how the democratic super-majorities in the California legislature can be overturned in this year’s election if the majority of California’s 14 million evangelical Christians will simply go to the polls and vote instead of sitting out the election.

Here are the audio files for these interviews:

Pacific Justice Institute interview (1st 13 minutes of the audio file): Click here to listen.

Constitution Radio (KMET 1490 AM) (45 minutes):

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