Vaccine Passport Danger: Goodbye American Sovereignty Hello Global Subjugation [Shocking Video Everyone Must See]

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American sovereignty and our personal liberty are in danger… and few know it.

Biden just agreed with global socialist elitists to move forward on what has been called the “great reset.”

During the G-20 Summit, Biden supported a “global digital health network” database to “prevent and respond to future pandemics.”

President Joe Biden, along with other world leaders, signed the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration to “facilitate seamless international travel.” The translation — The plan will impose digital vaccine passports on everyone.

The declaration pledges to “help build a trusted global digital health network that will capitalize and build on the success of the existing standard and digital COVID-19 certificates.”

In reality, this is nothing more than a global tracking system that will destroy your freedom and your travel options and will subjugate Americans to the will of the unelected global elites.

Implementing their intricate plan seems harmless and simple at first. The World Health Organization (WHO) would issue global digital health certificates or Digital COVID Vaccine Passports to everyone around the globe. The WHO would then enter our personal health and financial data into a central global database.

Once in the database, the WHO can then issue health mandates (which are not laws but suggestions) and travel restrictions to anyone they want, regardless of what your doctor says or what you want.

Socialist Klaus Schwab, chair of the World Economic Forum, fully supports the declaration. “Everything will be integrated,” Schwab said. “It will be a big data ecosystem [tracking health data, travel data, financial data, etc]. We must revamp all aspects of our economy.”

Schwab is also the architect of the “Great Reset”, which, if implemented, would give unelected global officials and organizations control of all of our personal, professional, and financial data. There would no longer be any countries, just a single global order — a one-world order.

“What we have to confront is a deep, systemic and structural re-structuring of our world,” Schwab said. “And this will take some time. And the world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process. We need a great reset of capitalism.”

According to Schwab’s “Great Reset”, “You will not own anything… and be happy.”

One country that’s already using a centralized digital passport system is China. China tracks the health data, travel data, and financial data of all its people. They said it was to help society and that it would help control pandemics and other emergencies (sound familiar) — All it does is control the people and take any little freedoms they had away.

The Chinese Communist government (CCP) gives a social credit score to everyone. Food, money, healthcare, housing, and jobs are doled out or rationed based on your government compliance score. Do everything you’re told, and you get a high score with certain benefits (freedom to travel where you like or access to extra food). Get a low score, and you can lose your nice home and be moved into a slum.

Since the CCP monitors everything that citizens do and buy, government bureaucrats decide where citizens can go and what citizens can spend their money on. Do something these bureaucrats don’t like, and they can take their money away if they are deemed “non-compliant” with the CCP’s rules, mandates, dictates, and laws — Correct thinking (or behavior) is rewarded. Wrong thinking (or behavior) is punished.

The massive protests in China are because the government locked down over 22 million citizens because three people died of COVID.  The millions of citizens who were locked down couldn’t leave their homes. Many died of starvation. They had no choice but to comply because the CCP tracks everything they do… Welcome to the New World Order and the Great Reset.

By signing the declaration, Biden has set the path for America to be controlled by an elite group of globalists that see us as nothing more than sheep with no individual rights—They know what’s best for you and your family… but you don’t.

This will be the loss of personal liberty in America.

Americans will be subjected to international rule — Our nation will lose its sovereignty.

It will be the end of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy” — That’s never been or will it ever be “The American Way.”

This is a danger to our country, our freedom, our liberty, our national sovereignty, and our way of life.

We need to oppose and fight this evil plan to crush the personal liberty of Americans and everyone in the world.

Click HERE to see Laura Ingraham’s shocking report on Digital Vaccine Passports.

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