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Undercover Video: Exposes How Teachers Lie, Deceive, and Coverup The Truth to Parents About No CRT Being Taught in Schools [2 Shocking Videos]

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Lies, deception, and covering up the truth.

That’s how your local schools and teachers falsely claim there is no racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools.

Watch this undercover video showing local teachers, superintendents, school board members, and principals all conspiring to withhold the truth from parents that they are teaching our kids Critical Race Theory (CRT).

It confirms what we’ve been warning about for over 10 years.

The undercover video is shocking and disturbing. The video shows several arrogant teachers gloating about how they are pulling the wool over parents’ eyes and getting away with it.

CRT makes race the focus of all aspects of American life. It categorizes people into racial groups, making white people “the oppressors” and minorities and people of color “the victims” of white oppression.

It’s an evil philosophy infecting every facet of our society, from politics, education, the church, the workplace, and even the military… It’s reverse racism and discrimination that teaches hatred of America, the Founding Fathers, free enterprise, and our Constitution.

Whether they call it Critical Race Theory or something else like “bringing culture into the classroom, “respecting student’s culture,” “Culturally relevant teaching, or “EL studies,” it’s still the same dangerous hate-filled racism and hatred of America.

These teachers and principals should be fired… But they won’t be.

These government-run public schools need to change the curriculum… But they won’t.

What we really need is school choice.

Parents should have the right to put their tax dollars toward schools that teach a proper curriculum (reading, writing, math, science, and history), not indoctrinate our kids with socialist, left-wing hate-filled propaganda.

Watch the astounding and disturbing undercover video from Jesse Waters’ Prime Time .

Watch another undercover video of a South Carolina Teacher talking about teaching CRT and fooling parents.

Here is our another video to watch: Teachers Resigning Over CRT: Fight Back – 4 Ways [Video]

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  1. This is absolutely deviant and evil. Who do these people think they are that they can defy parents and lie about what they’re teaching to their kids?
    When these people are exposed they should be fired from teaching!

  2. This is the hill to die on. If we lose this generation, we are done as a society. Imagine what these kids will be like in 5-10 years. Obedient Marxists. Thank God I was able to homeschool but that is no guarantee, bcuz of SM. I just wonder where are the pastor?

  3. Something should be done, says the chickens as they flap their wings in unison and chirp in dismay. Well, get the flock together and do something about the problem, it’s your problem, solve it.! Go to board meetings, speak up, talk to neighbors, write to local newspapers, go to neighborhood chat lines, form meetings and invite the parents. But most importantly go to the classrooms and see for yourself what’s going on. Write up a flyer telling wha you know to be true, fight for your rights, is this the straw? The hill? The red line? Fight for your Christian beliefs, save your childs Brain, once it is corrupted by false statements, it usually cannot be saved..


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