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Tom McClintock says The True Threats to Democracy (YouTube Video)

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The truth in a 4 Minute must see video.

One of my favorite congressmen is Tom McClintock.

As Joe Biden, the democratic marketing machine, and the biased media try to frame patriots and those who believe in individual freedom and their political opponents as “threats to democracy.”

Tom McClintock in a very powerful way cut through the confusion and the lies and presents a great response as to what to what the real true threats to democracy really are.

You can watch this 4 minute video HERE.

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  1. Well said by Mr. McClintock. The only people who would disagree with his statements and assessments are those on the left. What they’ve created to destroy this country, they- the Democratic Party- would have us believe these failures and poor legislative outcomes ate the result of those crazy Republicans. The Democrats are so deceived they don’t even know they’re deceived- that or once again, they’re just liars. However, I believe the majority of American citizens aren’t going to fall for this big lie. November and the months leading up to it will once again expose the Democrats as the power mongers that they are, and everything will come out of their bag of tricks with the media right in sync.

  2. Well, I guess I’m one of the crazy rightists. It was not the Trump supporters who caused the riot. It was not Libertarian Jacob Chansley who caused a riot. It was the Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, FBI, Antifa and BLM that caused a riot. Are there Antifa thugs and BLM thugs sitting in prison for over 1,000 days without a trial or hearing? NO! It is peaceful protesters (until the police started attacking them) who were utilizing their 1st Amendment rights who are in prison without a trial! What about their Constitutional rights, Congressman McClintock?

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