The Christian Voter’s Secret Weapon

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Dear Reader, 

I shocked a national TV host the other day when, during my interview, I gave an answer he didn’t expect– “Christians hold the key to the 2024 election,” I said to his surprise. 

In fact, one of the tools for turning the tide is my book The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics. 

The book has had a remarkable impact on pastors, church leaders, and Christians across the nation. 

For example, during a talk I was giving at a local church. I was surprised to discover a weekly group was reading a chapter of the book for their evening meetings. 

Their feedback was truly inspiring — they expressed enthusiasm about how the book was an invaluable resource for teaching, fostering discussions, and equipping them to help mobilize their friends, family, and community to spark the truth in love. 

It’s the power of The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics to actively arm, inform, and engage the church to be light and salt. 

It’s a roadmap to winning the election on the local, state, and national levels in 2024. 

I believe that your church community could benefit just as well from utilizing The Christian Voter book.  

Imagine empowering your fellowship with a resource that not only aligns with your values but also guides them toward actively shaping the world around them. 

If you’d like to read the book and give it to your pastor, youth leader, family, or friends, you can order now for immediate delivery. 

If you’d like to order 10 or more books, let us know for special pricing. 

And to secure your own copy, you can order The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics in one of the following three ways: 

Amazon: Simply visit HERE to place your order online.

Autographed Edition: For a personal touch, order an autographed edition online at Autographed Link HERE, or call 615-814-6633 to place your order by phone.

Check Payment: If you prefer the traditional route, you can also send a check for $26.13 (includes shipping) payable to Media Specialists for an autographed book.  

Mail it to the following address:

Media Specialists 

1313 4th Ave N 

Nashville, TN 37208 

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your church community with a tool that not only educates but inspires action. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on our culture and politics. 

Thank you for considering The Christian Voter: How to Vote For, Not Against Your Values to Transform Culture and Politics for your church, and I look forward to hearing about the positive transformations it brings to your community.


Craig Huey 

Let me know what you think. Email me at

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  1. This United States Of America Is A Judeo-Christian Nation With “A Republican Form Of Government” Written Under Article IV Section IV In The United States Constitution Of America.

    [T]his Said [N]ation
    is not “the evil one’s” repudiated demonic rats’ democracy, Period!

    As Bryan Fischer Always Said, “The First Three Words In The United States Constitution Of America Is'”We the People.'”

    Next, The Conceptual Principles Are In 3D:

    On That Note: The Conceptual Concept “Of A Republican Form Of Government” Comes From Exodus 18:21 Per David Barton At

    10s = A Precinct
    50s = A Districts aka A Township
    100s = County
    1,000s = State

    Here Are Four Bible Verses Worth Memorizing With The Acronym Spelled [MESY] Pronounced Messy.

    M Moral Liberty = Leviticus 25:10
    E Ethical Freedom = 2Cor 3:17
    S Self Sovereignty = Psalms 33:12
    Y You[R] Declaration = Romans 10:9

    The Book Of Proverbs Has A 3D Conceptual Concept Within It:


    “… KNOWLEDGE.”
    “… INTEGRITY.”

    Hope, I Learned From Don Wildman Founder Of American Family Radio Through His Grandson Walker Wildman.

    Starting In Romans Chapter Five Verse One

    “… Persecution…”
    “… Perseverance…”
    “… Character…”
    “… Hope ….”

    From Bryan A
    CAPS Member
    C Christian
    A American
    P Patriot
    S Soldier

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