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Election Insider: 4 Things That Shook the 2024 Presidential Election, New Hampshire, DeSantis Backs Trump, and More…

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1.) New Hampshire Results:

21 New Hampshire delegates won by multiple candidates.

  • Trump: 54.4% (Gained 12 Delegates)
  • Nikki Haley: 43.3% (Gained 9 Delegates)

Joe Biden won with 54.8%, with Dean Phillips as the closest behind him at 19.5%.

2.) Ron DeSantis Endorses Donald Trump: Powerful Statement in the Face of An Impossible Task

Ron DeSantis has dropped out of the presidential race.

Many have blamed it on various factors, but the bottom line is that he was a principled conservative alternative to Donald Trump.

But he soon discovered during the beginning of his campaign that support for Trump’s positive policies was too great to overcome.

DeSantis articulated disappointment in Trump’s failure to cut the deficit, not stopping the church and business lockdowns, and more.

His dropping out leaves the only Republican alternative to Nikki Haley.

Haley will gain the support of dissatisfied Democrats, Independents who oftentimes vote Democrat, more moderate Republicans, and Never-Trumpers.

For her to win the Republican nomination is unlikely, and if not decided by the South Carolina primary, certainly by Super Tuesday on March 5th.

Click HERE to watch the short 2-minute video of Ron DeSantis, “success is not final, failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Or read the transcript of the video below:

Ron DeSantis:

“Over the past many months, KC and I have traveled across the country to deliver a message of hope. That decline is a choice and that we can, in fact, succeed again as a nation.

Nobody worked harder, and we left it all out on the field. Now, following our second-place finish in Iowa, we prayed and deliberated on the way forward.

If there was anything I could do to produce a favorable outcome—more campaign stops. More interviews, I would do it.

But I can’t ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources if we don’t have a clear path to victory.

Accordingly, I am today suspending my campaign.

I’m proud to have delivered on 100% of my promises, and I will not stop now.

It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance. They watched his presidency get stymied by relentless resistance and they see Democrats using lawfare to this day to attack him.

I’ve had disagreements with Donald Trump, such as on the coronavirus pandemic and his elevation of Anthony Fauci, Trump is superior to the current incumbent Joe Biden. That is clear.

I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee, and I will honor that pledge.

He has my endorsement because we can’t go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear—a repackaged form of warmed-over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.

The days of putting Americans last, of kowtowing to large corporations, of caving to woke ideology are over.

I thank all of our passionate supporters who’ve stood by us through it all.

While this campaign has ended, the mission continues.

Down here in Florida, we will continue to show the country how to lead.

Thank you, and God bless.”

3.) AI & the Elections:

Trump has used AI in multiple campaign ads.

Now an AI “deep fake” to robocall democrats with.

Joe Biden’s voice tried to surprise Biden voters.

It sounded just like Joe Biden; LISTEN HERE.

4.) The Next States:

  • Nevada Primary (No Delegates) – 2/6
  • Nevada Caucus – 2/8
  • South Carolina Primary – 2/24
  • Super Tuesday – 3/5

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