The Persecuted Church: What Is Happening and How To Turn It Around [Podcast]

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In the United States, there is a growing assault on religious liberty.

But worldwide the assault against Christians and minority religions is increasing dramatically.

I interviewed Sam Brownback, a leading force in protecting religious freedom.

You can listen to the 20-minute podcast by clicking HERE.

Sam Brownback is a warrior for stopping persecution. He started a new organization called the National Committee for Religious Freedom.

Here are a few key points from the interview:

  • There are Christians that are being persecuted for their faith…in fact a historical genocide.
  • Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that is being trampled on in the U.S. and worldwide – and we haven’t had effective voices to push back.
  • There is hope for turning this around…but it takes important policy and leadership.
  • In the middle of Africa – you see militant groups attacking Christians now. In China. In India. In Indonesia. In Nigeria. In Syria worldwide.
  • We need to fight for religious rights in an election cycle.

Click HERE to listen to my interview. It is about 20-minutes long.

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