“The Lakey Effect” Podcast: Hunter Biden’s Indictment Puts Spotlight on Total Government Corruption… And Why it May Take Joe Biden Out of the Presidential Race

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I recently spoke with Jimmy Lakey, host of The Lakey Effect, on his national radio/podcast about how The Hunter Biden Indictments are just a deflection of the real crimes being perpetrated by Joe Biden.

Click HERE to listen to my interview!

I told Jimmy that The Deep State bureaucracy has been trying to protect Hunter and his father, Joe, for as long as they could, but the real corruption is the influence peddling being done by Joe.

I explained that the Deep State’s goal is to protect their own and to promote radical socialist/Marxist policies.

But with the Congressional hearing going on, exposing the scale of President Biden’s pay-to-play operation, the Deep State indicted Hunter on tax evasion and other charges that don’t involve his father.

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • Why the Special Council on the Hunter Biden case hasn’t looked at or requested any evidence from the Congressional investigation
  • How Hunter’s indictment will impact the 2024 election
  • How Republicans are 15 years behind the Democrat’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.
  • How a wildcard can disrupt Trump’s commanding lead in the GOP presidential primaries.

Click HERE to watch my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 8-minutes long.

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